19 June 2012


This post is long overdue, but my mind has been spinning this past week and there are so many things that we have in the works right now, it's unreal. BUT, I must get this post written!!

So I was in Ethiopia for four days, just got home from one of the best days at Korah (we moved tons and tons of red rock in the pouring African rain...it was amazing), took a shower and went downstairs in the guest house to check my email. We had some downtime before dinner so we just all hang out and try to get on the internet and stuff.

Before I left for Ethiopia, I told Adam that if we got our referral while I was gone to send me an email that says READ FIRST so that I wouldn't just skip over it and open something else. The internet in Ethiopia is not the greatest so I wanted to be sure I would get to the right emails when I could. :) Well on June 5th, I got that very email!! And right below it was the email titled Referral from our Family Coordinator at America World!! Um, I pretty much started freaking out and telling two of the girls that were on my team that I think we just got our referral!!! While I am IN Ethiopia!!!! So I'm like a bawling mess, totally screaming and freaking out. It was nuts!!

We got six pictures with our referral and I could only get three of them to open and that took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. It was painful waiting for them to load! HAHA! But it was totally worth it! She is so beautiful!! And I was staring at her pictures for the rest of the night. It was totally incredible. Every time I would look at her pictures, I couldn't believe this was really happening! I still think I'm in a little bit of shock from it all!

Somehow I got an email out to Adam giving him the cell phone number in Africa so he could call me. I have no idea how that email got through because my email never said it was sent. But he called me!! We got to talk a little bit about her history and her medical records since I couldn't load anything else on my computer. And while I was on the phone with him, my dear friend, Erin, was planning for me to be able to go SEE her!!! One of her good friends, Yonas, works for America World and they set the whole thing up for me to get to see her the next day at 10am!!! It was totally crazy and totally God!!! If Erin wouldn't have been on this trip (which she wasn't supposed to be!), I wouldn't have been able to go meet our third baby girl. Totally incredible!!!

So all night long, I just stared at her pictures. We played some game and I just had my computer in my lap the whole time staring at her. She is so gorgeous and she was smiling in every single picture. I kept thinking about how perfectly God ordained this entire thing...I was THERE when we got our referral, she is SO happy in her pictures and I get to MEET her the very next day!! Like not even 12 hours after seeing her pictures for the first time!!!

The next morning the rest of the team went to Korah while Erin and I stayed behind waiting for our driver. We headed to the transition home and I was totally freaking out the whole time. Like I really could not believe it was happening!! And just the way everything worked out so that I could actually go to meet her!! We had to wait in the office across the street for a while until Yonas got there. Then he got there and he went right in and told them that I wanted to meet Baby K. And about 10 minutes later, they brought her out to me!! I didn't cry and she totally smiled like the whole time. It was so amazing!!!!

I took her from the nanny and just held her for a while. Then I sat her down to look her over. She is just so amazing. She didn't cry at all and she was smiling! I even got picture of her smiling!! I took some videos of her and Erin took some amazing pictures that I just printed out today to carry around with me. So if you see me and you want to see pictures of our newest baby girl, just ask!! :)

I put her down to see if she can walk and she's not so good yet. But I bet by the time we get her home, she'll be walking. She has lots of teeth, too! She's got a great personality. After a while, one of the nannies opened the door and gave me her lunch to feed her. I got to feed her!!! She ate like a champ! Then she started slowing down a bit, so we stopped. And I laid her on my chest and she fell asleep in about two minutes. Oh my word, that is when I lost it. I think that's when it hit me that this wasn't just another baby in Ethiopia. This is MY BABY!!! And she fell asleep on me!!!!

So I got to rock her and hold her for quite a while and then we had to go. The driver was getting restless and our reason for being in Ethiopia wasn't for me to meet my daughter. So I got to lay her down in her crib for the rest of her nap and then we headed back to Korah. We had another incredible day at Korah, but every day in Ethiopia is incredible.

That's the story of how we got our referral while I was in Ethiopia on a mission trip. It was an unexpected addition to our trip, but such a welcome one. I am so thankful for all of the Ethiopian friends that I made while there, as well. What a huge blessing they all are to me!! My entire trip was absolutely amazing and I can't even pick what my favorite part was. Maybe one day I will be able to share more. :)

*We are not allowed to show any pictures of her face or share her name until we pass court.*


Brandy Wade said...

That is AMAZING!! Possibly the coolest, most exciting referral story I've ever heard. I am praying that your court date is soon and she is back in your arms quickly. Our God is so cool. : )


Desiree said...

this is just beautiful and amazing. I love it!

Khris and Michelle said...

Giiirrlll!!!!! What an incredible journey you are on! I can't wait to see her pretty face (= Missing you guys...we need to get together soon!
(BTW we'll be in Akron for CHEO this weekend... dinner or dessert or something? Text me) <3

Tracy said...

congratulations!!! I agree with Brandy, coolest story EVER!

so fun for you to be able to tell her later :)

The Warner Family said...

Oh the joy and excitement I feel for you right now!!!! How amazing that there is one less orphan. She will never ever again have to be alone on her life journey. Praise the Lord!! YES!! This is what it's all about! Another precious little girl! Okay, I'm a little over the top, but this is amazing! Congratulations you guys!! Can't wait to see how the rest of your story unravels! :D

Nicole {Home for Hire} said...

Congratulations! Such wonderful and sweet news :)
I hope that baby girl gets to come home soon!

Michelle said...

I've read this post at least ten times. I love it. I am beyond excited for you guys!

Courtney said...

I could read this over and over again!!!! Your story is so uplifting and amazing....wait, OUR GOD is soooo uplifting and amazing! Can't wait to see you bring her home! Congrats!

Alison said...

Oh, Lindsey!!! I am overjoyed for ya'll!!! WOW!!! God's timing is indeed so perfect!!! Congrats, Mama! :)

Kelly said...

Totally. Stinkin. AWESOME!!! How did I miss this!!?? So very happy for you AND your court date!! PTL!!!!

Kati Foster said...

Congratulations!!!! What a neat, neat, neat story God is writing for her, for you, and for your family. Congratulations a million times Lindsey!