21 June 2012



We got the phone call with our court date this afternoon!!! It was pretty awesome because Makayla was having a total freak out session in the car and I was up to my earballs in frustration and then the phone rang. I thought it was just our Family Coordinator calling to check in on us, but it was our Travel Coordinator. She asked how we were doing and then told me we have been submitted to court!!!! Then she told me our court date is July 6th!!!!! I literally told her to shut up!!! HAHA! I couldn't believe it!!!

So we are trying to get everything set up and get our flights ready to go and then we will be heading to Ethiopia!!!! I'm going back for the SECOND time two weeks after I got back to the United States!!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Baby K, we are coming soon!!!!!!!!! :)

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Dawn said...

Whoo-hoo! So excited for you!