17 July 2012


Hey everyone!! We have been home from Ethiopia for one week today!!! BIG things happened while we were there. God moved some mountains and only by the grace of God, we passed court!!!!

Kalkidan is officially our little girl!!!! We are SO excited!!!!!

She is a precious little girl and we can't wait to bring her home!!

So what's next? Well, since we passed court, we have to be submitted to embassy. This typically happens 2-5 weeks after a family passes court. We are anticipating it being sooner rather than later since nothing about our case has been slow. :) Then we need to get cleared by embassy and then we will choose 3 different dates for her visa appointment. The embassy will tell us what date they have an appointment open and then I will fly back to pick up Kalkidan!!

Adam will not be returning to Ethiopia with me so that we can save some money. Our account is pretty much depleted right now and we need some serious funds in some short amount of time. Thankfully, we are the Give1Save1 Family this week!!! And on top of that, ALL of the donations for this week are being MATCHED by a very dear friend of ours!!! What a HUGE blessing!!!

If you would like to help us bring sweet Kalkidan HOME, please donate $1 (or more!!) and EVERY donation will be matched!!! You can go watch our video here and you can donate there, too!!! Please share our link on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have BIG plans for this week and would LOVE to be fully funded to bring Kalkidan home!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and watching!!!


Nicole {Home for Hire} said...

Oh, goodness! Could she be any cuter :) So thrilled for all of you!

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! She is adorable!!

Alison said...

YAY!!!!! Amazing news!!! She is just ADORABLE!!!!