15 August 2012

Oh Hey, I Have A Blog?!

Hey guys! So sorry about that crazy hiatus I took from blogging!!! That was weird, right? HA!

We have been crazy busy since we got back from Ethiopia. We have SO much going on right now and honestly I'm not going to be sharing it on the internet just yet. Just know it's WAY exciting and we need some serious prayer!! God has broken down so many barriers already that we know how much He is behind this. We are so thankful!! Vague, I know, but you'll know more later.

In other news, we got submitted to embassy for our sweet Kalkidan on August 10th!!!!! That is crazy fast, but we're getting used to our case going crazy fast. :)

Today we got an email that said that they looked over our paperwork and they'll be starting to look at hers now. BIG steps, people!! I'm praying that I will be going back at the beginning of September to bring her home!!!

Our girls at home are doing GREAT and Makayla talks about Kalkidan every day. She asks me every day if I am going to go to Ethiopia today and bring her home. So sweet!!

We are so excited for our family to be growing and we can't wait to share more of our story with you in the future!!! That's really all I have for now. I'm so wiped out from this last month. But I'm ready to go back to Ethiopia!!!!!!! :)

P.S. The next step is being CLEARED by embassy. Please be praying that happens quickly!! We want our baby girl home!!!!

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Sleeping Beauty said...

Hip hip hooray! This is so lovely to hear. <3 I love you!