14 October 2012

One Year.

Today is our one year DTE date. Honestly, our DTE date doesn't mean anything to us anymore because we already have our referral of our precious baby girl, Kalkidan. At this point last year, I thought we would still be waiting for our referral. I'm happy to say that we are not and that we have met our sweet angel and that I have been blessed to go to Ethiopia three times since we have received our referral to go love on our baby girl until we can bring her home. The next time I go back, she will be coming home with me!!!!! FOREVER!!!!

The very first time I held my new daughter.
She is going to change the world.
So one year ago today, we sent all of our paperwork in to Ethiopia to be matched with a child. And here we sit, knowing who our child is, yet she is still not home. This part of the waiting is the hardest. I have met her and been with her. Three times over. I have hugged her and kissed those fat cheeks. And then left her there. Three times over. It is tearing me apart inside. So when people ask me when she is coming home, it's like a double edged sword. I love that people care about our adoption and want to know when our sweet girl is coming home, but at the same time, it breaks my heart to tell people I don't know when she is coming home. And it reopens the wound every single time someone asks. It sucks not knowing.

Meeting her Daddy for the first time. <3 nbsp="nbsp">
Your sisters love you, Kalkidan!! Addi calls you 'Dah-don'. It's pretty adorable.
Look at that beautiful baby girl!!!!
You are captivating, precious one.
Today, we celebrate the fact that we are no longer on the waiting list. We have loved our daughter and we know without a doubt that she is meant to be in our family. She has a sassy little attitude like her sisters at home. People even say she sorta looks like me! I happen to believe that's true, as well. :) She is so beautiful and so precious to us. We are thankful that God has called us to the craziness that is adoption. No matter how long the road is, we will endure it. We will do whatever it takes to get Kalkidan home. She is ours forever.

I love you!!!!
Cannot wait to bring you HOME so you can meet your sisters!!!!
When we got our referral in June, I was hoping and praying that she would be home by our one year DTE date. Obviously she is not here yet, but we still have hope. We KNOW she will come home. We KNOW it will be soon. And we are so blessed to call her ours.

Sweet Kalkidan, betam betam betam betam ewedeshalehu!!!!! Betam nefakin!!!!! I am coming for you!!!!!!! ♥
I can't wait to see LIFE in those beautiful eyes...
This picture gets me every. single. time.
The bond they already have is so beautiful.
You are MINE, baby girl.
So proud to be this one's Mommy. FOREVER.
My two little Habesha kids. Love them.
Every single tear, every single piece of paper, every single wait...it is all worth it to have both of these precious children in my home. Though Kalkidan is not home yet, I already know it's worth it. I can't wait for her to know what a forever family feels like. I can't wait for her to have a MOMMY and DADDY to tuck her in at night. EVERY night. I can't wait for her to never have to be alone again. You are so, so loved, baby girl. SO loved. FOREVER.


Anonymous said...


Ohhhhhh man you guys are in so much trouble! She is a feisty little firecracker!

You can totally see her attitude in her eye and in her body language. She is going to be a powerful woman. I totally pray that over her. Actually, I'm pretty sure all of you Crockett ladies are going to be a force to contend with. GOOD!

The world needs ladies who stand up with a powerful attitude for the right thing. You've been through the fire and your family is already doing the unusual and right thing that many people wouldn't dream of doing.

We live in a selfish, ignorant society where couples will in some cases spend up to $90,000 trying to conceive a biological child. $90,000!!! Can you imagine!? How many sweet babies would that money covered in adoption!? Yikes. I wish people would get it together! How stronger would society be if people stopped trying to force their bodies into pregnancy and adopted instead. Lives would seriously be changed. Ugh. Anyway, ranting now, sorry!

I can't wait to meet her! Let me know before you take her to her first Indians game, I MUST be there!

Anonymous said...

Totally Gorgeous she is, what a miracle from God that you guys have this opportunity..

God Bless