Our Adoption

Our Adoption Timeline
Feb. 18, 2011-Adam brings up adopting after Lindsey has been praying since December!!

March 4, 2011-Sent in passport paperwork

March 24, 2011-Got passports in the mail

March 30, 2011-Pre-approved with AWAA!!

March 31, 2011-Sent in application to AWAA ($250)

April 7, 2011-Accepted into Ethiopia Program with AWAA!!

April 7-15, 2011-Sent out first batch of donation letters

April 15, 2011-Sent in AWAA Agreement with first payment ($1,500)

April 21, 2011-Agreement processed...waiting on our Family Coordinator!

April 22, 2011-Signed up for Hague Adoption Training ($95 per person)

April 25, 2011-Assigned Family Coordinator and Social Worker!!

April 26, 2011-Ordered Adam and Lindsey's birth certificates online ($31.45 for L, $30.50 for A)

May 2, 2011-Birth certificates received!

May 3, 2011-Marriage certificate received! ($3)

May 4, 2011-Adam's employment letter received!

May 6th, 2011-Notarized Releases of Information for Home Study ($4)

May 7th, 2011-Send in Home Study Agreements and Agency Fee ($1,800)

May 11th, 2011-Adam's Physical

May 17th, 2011-Lindsey's Physical

May 20th, 2011-Application Letter, Lindsey's non-employment letter, POA, DCS and Adam's medical insurance all notarized (FREE!!)

May 23rd, 2011-Power of Attorney and Dossier Cover Sheet County Certified! ($10)

May 24th, 2011-Sent in our POA and DCS to get State Authenticated! ($10)

May 27th, 2011-Home Study Orientation Meeting with AWAA-OH

May 28th, 2011-Lindsey completed online adoption training. We got State Authenticated papers back!!

June 1st, 2011- Girls got TB shots

June 2nd, 2011-Got our physical exam forms and Adam's letter. My name was spelled wrong, so I still have to wait.

June 3rd, 2011-Girls got TB tests checked and papers signed for Home Study

June 6th, 2011-Adam and Lindsey's fingerprint appointments! ($102) Sent in CA Child Abuse Clearance ($30)

June 7th, 2011-Lindsey's doctor letter and both police clearance letters done

June 16th, 2011-Started T-Shirt Fundraiser

June 17th and 18th, 2011-Seville Garage Sale. We made $1,030.25 for our adoption!!

July 5th, 2011-Got a donation from a stranger that felt called to donate!! Beautiful story!

July 6th, 2011-Second home study meeting! Our SW is amazing!!

July 13th, 2011-Third and fourth home study meeting in our home!

July 14th, 2011-Filled out financial statements for home study and dossier

July 15th, 2011-Fire inspection done for home study

July 25th, 2011-Get rough draft of home study! Review and there are lots of minor errors, so I have to email our social worker with those.

July 26th, 2011-Get life insurance policy and financial statement for dossier notarized ($4)

July 27th, 2011-Put together photo pages and send them to Family Coordinator for review

August 11th, 2011-Got our finalized HOME STUDY in the mail!!! And I sent our I-600A to USCIS!!!! WOOHOO!!!! ($890)

August 22nd, 2011-Got the notice from USCIS that they received our paperwork!!

September 1st, 2011-Got our USCIS biometrics appointment!! September 23rd at 9am!!!!

September 9th, 2011-Went to USCIS early and GOT IN!! Also got a $1,000 donation!! Read that story!

September 29th, 2011-I-171H came in the mail!!!!!!

October 1st, 2011-Our dossier is sent to AWAA!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! :D ($7,700)

October 14th, 2011-WE ARE DTE!!!!!!! Best day ever!!!! We are officially on the waitlist for a referral! #58 for a boy and #72 for a girl (unofficial list)!!!!!! :)

November 14th, 2011-One Month DTE!! I wrote about it!

December 9th, 2011-Money randomly falls out of the sky!! Check out the story here!

December 14th, 2011-Two Months DTE!! Check it!

December 17th, 2011-54.5% funded towards our referral! You know I wrote a story about it!!

January 14th, 2012-Three months DTE!! Blog post here!

January 20th, 2012-Adam's Scotch and Cigar Night fundraiser! Little blurb here!

February 11th, 2012-Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser! Blogged it!

February 14th, 2012-Four months DTE!

February 23rd, 2012-FULLY FUNDED for our referral fee!!!!

March 14th, 2012-Five months DTE!!

April 4th-10th, 2012-Fundraiser with Delicate Fortress. Here is how much we raised!

April 7th, 2012-One year later!!

April 14th, 2012-Six months DTE!

May 14th, 2012-Seven months DTE! (Written by Adam)

May 21st, 2012-Changed our request!

June 5th, 2012-We got our referral!!! And I met her the next day!!!

June 21st, 2012-We got the phone call that we have a court date!!!

July 6th, 2012-Court date! WE PASSED!!!

July 21st, 2012-FULLY FUNDED!!!!!!

August 10th, 2012-Submitted to embassy!!!

November 6th, 2012-Cleared embassy!!!

November 19th, 2012-Embassy appointment!!

November 22nd, 2012-We are HOME!!! Welcome to the United States, Kalkidan!!!