21 April 2012

Our Week.

Well after the fabulous high of being with some of my very best friends last weekend, I was hoping this week would deliver. And it totally did. :)

Monday we went to Target to pick up some things and then we headed over to Nana's for a little bit.

Tuesday Makayla had preschool and loved it.

Wednesday we went to the library with Sarabeth and her girls. It was a blast! All the girls loved playing together and picking out books. We love the library, but we should definitely go more often.

All the girls at the library. :)
Thursday we missed preschool because I was a slacker. :( We did have a super fun walk because it was amazingly gorgeous outside. Not like today! It's been freezing! Ohio weather is so weird.

And then Friday we went to the zoo with Sheila and her boys! It was SO much fun! Sheila got everyone to fit in her car...that woman is Super Mom!! We packed our lunches and headed to the Akron Zoo. Everyone had an awesome time, though Makayla was a little sad that they didn't have any elephants. We might need to go to the Cleveland Zoo sometime to hit up the elephants. She really wanted to give them some of her water. :) Here's some pictures from our awesome day together. Enjoy!

Addi sitting forward facing in the car for the first time...April 20, 2012!
Abe, Tanner, Makayla and Addison. Yep, Abe is from Ethiopia! I love him!!
Abe and Makayla in the train that doesn't move.
Makayla getting out of the train. :) 
Addison chillin....
Abe and Tanner in the train! They are all boy. :D
While we were at the zoo, we came across some goats. There was a sign in front of them that said 'retired' on it. I asked Sheila what that meant and she said it probably means that they're just old. Well, Makayla overheard our conversation and she came back with, 'They're probably Grandma goats or something.' BAHAHAHAHA!!! My child is pretty quick! :)

Sheila holding Addi on the moving train!!
Me and my girlies. :)
Abe hanging out in the tunnel? I don't know what this is, but it's cool! :)
Makayla telling Tanner where I was. :)
And then on Friday night I went to a meal planning party. You basically make meals to have in your freezer and then you can just pull one out, thaw it and you've got dinner all ready to go! Super easy! It was a blast and I had a lot of fun getting to know some more women from my church.

We had a great week and somehow this week, we got blessed with almost $800 towards our adoption! It is amazing to see God work all of this out for His glory. I love it!! And thank you to our precious donors. You know who you are. ;)

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