19 April 2012

Play Time!

The girls and I played outside and went for a walk. I got some pretty sweet pictures of them. Enjoy! :)

Blowing kisses!
Waving bye-bye!

Helping her little sister. <3

She was sad because her best friend was outside and I wouldn't let her go play. I know, Mean Mommy alert. She had a bad attitude. :/
We had a blast with the nice weather! As you can see, I got many more pictures of Addison than I did of Makayla. Makayla was not cooperating and didn't want anything to do with anyone, so I got very few shots of her today. Oh well...there's always tomorrow! :)


Sleeping Beauty said...


Colin and Jess said...

Your children are so precious! I don't know how you resist the little pouts!

Can't wait until your Ethiopia baby joins them!