16 April 2012

Maryland Trip!!

Oh man, this weekend was a blast!!! It was so awesome to get to see Rusty and Janelle again....and get to meet their precious Genova!!! I love that they are living in Maryland right now and are close enough for visits! They will be coming to Ohio before they leave the East Coast again. :)

I left on Thursday afternoon. Adam came home from work early and I was on the road by 3. Got to Rusty and Janelle's at 9pm! I made great time and that was even with stopping twice...and getting sent to the wrong gate by my GPS!!! HA! So on Thursday we just hung out and I got to see the babe since she wasn't sleeping yet. :D She is so beautiful and such a good baby!!! She very rarely cries and is just so content. She's got great parents. :)
Yawning baby pictures ROCK!!
Yes, she held my hand while we were driving in the car!
Mama and Baby love.
Friday we got up and just hung out and talked in the morning. Made some eggs and bacon for breakfast and then us three girls headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then to the mall for some shopping! In true Genova fashion, she was totally chill. We got to chat it up and I got a couple cute outfits for Makayla at H&M (which she loved, by the way!) We drove around for a little bit so Genova could get a nappy nap. Then we headed home because Rusty was going to be home soon. After he got home, we went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant right off base. It was SO GOOD. I held Genova while R & J ate in peace. I know how difficult it is to have your baby crying or to have to hold your baby while eating, so I figured I'd give them a little break. We went to Rita's after that, which is the best place ever!!! I got introduced to Rita's years ago in Pennsylvania and I LOVE it!! So, I introduced them to the Gelati! If you haven't gotten one before or you've never been to Rita's, find the closest one and get there now!! :) We went home after that and just talked some more before bed!

On Thursday night we found out that our BFF was coming to Delaware on Saturday, so naturally, we went to Delaware on Saturday!! I was really sad that Adam didn't come because he didn't get to see Brian. He assured me it was okay and that he was just glad I got to see Brian. :) We went to a flea market on base in the morning and Janelle snagged some awesome clothes for Genova! I might have gotten a pretty sweet electronic book for Addi, too. And for $2 even! We went to Baja Fresh for lunch and then were on our way to Delaware!! I swear the drive took us four hours, but we did stop to pee and to feed Genova, so maybe that's why. It was a pretty fun time and Genova was a little trooper! We got to Delaware (well, the base) around 7:30 and got to see Brian! Then Rusty was so kind and took me around the flight line so I could see some C-5s and C-17s...which I used to work on! Yep, I was in the Air Force and worked on those bad boys. It made me a little nostalgic for the Air Force life, but I know I would hate it if I were still in. It was fun to get to see them again...sadly no pictures are allowed of them. :(
Rusty, Brian, Genova and Janelle.

Rusty, Brian, Genova and me.
We went to dinner at this super rad place that Brian found online called McGlynn's. It was awesome and we had so much fun talking about old times and making new memories. As Brian said, it was the best impromptu, close friends get together this decade!!! We headed back around 10 and got back to Maryland around midnight and went to bed!

The only picture of the four of us!

Me and my best friend-in-law!

I'm their third head! HA!
Sadly Sunday was the day I had to leave. :( It's never fun leaving your friends, so Janelle and I kinda put it off all morning. ;) Rusty had duty but ended up coming home around 9 and got to hang out with us for a bit. Janelle made us some brunch while Genova took a nap on me!!!! It was the sweetest thing ever! Rusty was holding her and then asked if I wanted to hold her, so I said YEAH! And then I put her on my shoulder and she passed out almost immediately!!! Gah! Cutest thing ever!

Smiley girl!!
Oh hey guys!
Daddy and Baby. She's Rusty, in girl! :)
Gah! I want to squeeze her cheeks!!!
So then we ate pancakes and bacon at 10:30, took showers and I was on the road by 1:30. It took me a lot longer to get home, but that's probably because I stopped at a rest stop to finish reading my book and get something to eat. :) I got home around 8:30 and unpacked and got ready for the week to begin.

This is when she fell asleep on me!! P.S. I made that burp cloth!!! :)

Such a gorgeous half-Asian babe!!

Me and my love. Not the best photo of me, but it's the only one we got! Love her!!
It was an amazing time of renewal and rejuvenation for me. It is so nice to get to hang out with old friends, talk about old times, laugh about all the crazy stuff we all did before we started having kids and just remember how much fun we've had! I just love being able to hang out with my people. They get me. I don't have to explain things to them and I know they aren't judging me. They just love me for me....flaws and all. It's amazing. So, needless to say, I was pretty brokenhearted to be leaving, but it was a wonderful weekend. My friends are amazing. :)


Michelle said...

That's so cool that you got to hang out with friends. It's so nice to take a breather every once in a while. Rusty and Janelle's baby looks like a porcelain doll. She is gorgeous!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Love this post. :) I personally adore that you stopped at a rest stop to finish your book. Muah.

Colin and Jess said...

Fun times!! Nice to get away, huh?

Girl, I don't mean to bug you about this, but I think your Ethiopia clock is an hour behind? I had to look it up online, because it was different than mine.

Isn't it neat to think about what our sponsored children and future baby/ies are doing when we look at the clock? Praying they are all safe, healthy, and loved.