22 April 2012

Last Night.

Okay so I started reading this book last night called Give Them Grace. It's about parenting your children with grace instead of trying to control them, etc., etc.

So anyway, I was reading this book and thinking about what a great name Grace would be for our Ethiopia Baby if our child turns out to be a girl. We all know it's going to be a girl. ;) Well, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. By the time my thoughts were swirling around, Adam was already asleep so I couldn't share anything with him until this morning.

Quick side note: We had a dog (for like two seconds) that we named Gracie. So I wasn't sure if Adam would be totally keen on the idea of the name Grace for our next daughter.

Moving on.

As I was sitting there reading this book, I was thinking about how perfect the name Grace is because of the circumstances that our next child is coming to us from. There will be some sort of trauma somewhere in this little one's life and by the grace of God, she (for this scenario) has endured it and made it out on the other side...to receive a family! What a gracious God we serve!

So my mind was reeling with how perfect and glorious and beautiful this name will be for our next precious one...when I realize that Makayla told me that our Ethiopia Baby's name will start with 'G'!! Honestly it gave me chills.

I told Adam about this all this morning and he said the name was perfect! We hadn't thought about girl names before this point, but if our ET Baby is a girl, her name will be Grace. It all just adds up and it's a beautiful story, I think. :) I love how God works!!

"For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." -John 1:17

And another quick side note: Adam played bass at our new church for the first time today! He was awesome and I was (and am!) definitely a proud wife in the congregation this morning. :)


Amanda said...

I have always thought it is the most beautiful name!! Funny, too, that tonight I read that verse during my personal Bible study.:) I can tell that you guys are such wondeful parents, and this little child will be so blessed to have you as parents. :)

Colin and Jess said...

Love it!

If it IS a boy, you could name him Gracen.....just sayin'. :)

Christy said...

or Grayson! :) Very cool!