05 July 2011

A Great Day.

I have been blessed beyond measure today. Well, every day. But, really really today.

First, we had Addison's appointment at the children's hospital this morning. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but at her one year appointment (last Tuesday), she had only gained 2 ounces in 3 months. This is clearly not a good thing. She also hasn't grown in length at all, either.

The pediatrician asked me how long it looked like she needed to wear a bra and I told her I wasn't sure because Makayla always had boobies, but she was a chunk. Anyway, the ped told me that she might be producing estrogen and they wanted to get an ultrasound, bone scan and some blood work done. Well, they tried to do the blood work then, after giving her four shots (routine vaccinations). They put the arm band thing on both arms a few times, with no luck of finding a good vein. They finally tried to get it in her right arm, all while she is SCREAMING in my arms and wiggling around, scared to death. They get it in and barely get 1/3 of a vial. Great. They tell me they aren't even going to send it in and when we have to go the children's hospital, they'll do it there.

Well, her appointment was today. I was a wreck this morning, but somehow (PRAYER!!!) kept it together all morning. Except when I got a little lost and called Adam (on his phone that he can't talk in to!) frantic. Other than that, I think I was pretty level headed. ;)

Anyway, she got an ultrasound done. They checked her ovaries and her adrenal glands to see if she's producing estrogen. Then, we went to x-ray and they x-rayed her left hand to check her bone growth. Then, it was on to get her blood drawn. They did the arm tighten thingy on both arms only once and then took it out of her teeny vein on her left arm. They took 3 vials. Ugh, it was torture all morning. But, I knew we were covered in prayer. Even my sweet adoptive mama friend posted on our Yahoo group asking for prayer for us. Amazing.

So, even though it was a stressful morning, I was at peace. It was pretty great. Addison cried a lot, but she doesn't seem too traumatized. In fact, when we got in the car, she fell asleep within 10 minutes and she's napping now, too. Plus, she got a pretty sweet bandage. :D

So, that happened. I went to my mom's to pick up Makayla (thankfully she didn't have to come with us!!) and I checked my email and got an email from one of our amazing friends that wrote a letter of reference for our home study. It was the last of four that we were waiting for and since our first meeting is tomorrow, I wanted them all to be in by then. And now they are!! WOOHOO!! And it was beautifully written and so heartfelt. I love our friends.

Then, I came home, check our mailbox and got my very last letter of reference for our dossier!! WOOHOO!! We have three now!!! This letter was beautifully written too and speaks volumes about how people view us and our marriage. So thankful. One more thing to check off our list. That list is dwindling mighty fast and I love it!!

After that, I came in, put the girls to bed without a fight from anyone! A blessing in itself. HAHA! Then, I checked my email again and saw an email from Adam that we got a $100 donation from someone that felt prompted by the Lord to donate to someone's adoption. You can read that story here. Amazing.

I am so beyond blessed. It has been a great day. I thought it was going to start out and end awful, but it has been beautiful. I shouldn't be surprised, though. That's the way Jesus works. He makes everything beautiful. ♥


Rachel said...

So glad to hear how God is taking care of Addison and giving the doctors wisdom and the blessing you guys recieved today!

MarksMomma said...

I'm praying for wisdom for Addi's doctors, and for peace of heart for you.
Woohoo for getting your reference letters... one step closer! :o) Looking at your fundraising thermometer, it looks like that is going really well, too! Yay!