07 July 2011


Hey everyone! I have had A LOT of blog traffic the past couple days, yet still NO shirts sold!!! Give me some feedback. Do you guys not like the design? Can't afford it? Give me the deets!! I'm looking to get these bad boys SOLD!!

We need a little less than $2000 to turn in our dossier, which we're hoping to do by the end of August! That's a big number, but God is bigger!!! We can make it happen!

So, I'm going to post pictures of our shirts here again. You can click on ----> that Donate button (to the right of the blog) and they are $23 each, shipped. If you buy more than one, we can work out a deal on shipping. They're $20 if you live close enough for me to deliver. :)

I designed the shirt and I am SO happy with how it turned out. Will you buy one and help us bring our child HOME? $20 is equal to going out to eat one time. Can you give up going out to eat just ONCE to bring our child home?? We are honestly grateful to every single person who has bought a shirt so far and we would love to sell them ALL!!

So click on that Donate button and get to buying some shirts and help us get on that wait list for our child!!!! ♥

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