07 July 2011

And Another Blessing!

Seriously, God has been rocking my socks off this week!! I honestly prayed just this week (like seriously, seriously prayed...not just whined about it and complained how it happened to other people and not us) about receiving an anonymous donation in the mail. I also prayed about getting a donation from a complete stranger, which we all know happened earlier this week already!!

And then today, I go to get the mail, not expecting anything because, let's face it, we have not gotten a whole lot of donations in the mail and lo and behold, there it was. A letter that had our address typed up and taped on the front, no return address and a heart drawn in pen on the back. I open it up, wondering who it's from and what it's for. When I open the envelope, there are two pieces of white paper with 'Adoption ♥' written on it. I excitedly open the paper, careful not to rip it so that I can keep it forever, and out comes $30 in cash!!!!! I was blown away!!!!!! Yet again, blown away by how the Lord works in EVERY circumstance. I mean, seriously, He is blowing my mind!! And He gets ALL the glory!!!

So, to the beautifully generous person that sent us an anonymous donation in the mail,

THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. You have played a huge part in our adoption journey and we are so thankful. God Bless you!!!

With that being said, I'm not going to pretend that I didn't want to figure out who sent us this glorious gift. After being blown away and speechless for about 10 minutes, I started pondering who knew our new address (not many people) and who would want to give to our adoption so freely. And then I realized that this person wants to stay anonymous FOR A REASON. He or she does not want us to know who they are. They want ALL the glory to go to the Lord, too!!!! How stinking rad is that?!

I have been on Cloud 9 this week and I initially thought it was going to be an awful week because we started it with Addi's appointment, but even that was not awful (I mean, it was awful, but I had a great peace)!!!! Praise the Lord!! He is here, He is working and He LOVES us!!! Amen to that!!!

Oh man, I just cannot get over how awesome our story is playing out. I also have $220 worth of shirt sales upstairs, saved and waiting to be paid for. How exciting is that, too, huh?? If you want one (or two!!), please don't hesitate! We only got 100 made and I'm almost positive we won't be doing it again. I do have some other amazing fundraisers up my sleeve, though. You'll have to stay tuned to hear about those.... :)

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