13 May 2015

Preschool Graduation!

You guys.

My babies graduated preschool last night. Do you know what that means?


What?! What is life? What is happening? Where am I? Who are these children?

I don't even know.

So anyway, they had their graduation ceremony last night and it was so sweet and tiny and beautiful and all the things. Addison and Kalkidan both walked out so proud to get their little diplomas and I just die all over the place.

Addison's class was first and then a different class and then Kalkidan's. After the graduation, each class sang a song. It was so cute and precious and I had tears streaming down my face during both girls' performances. They had it set up so the parents for each class could come up during their performance and take pictures and video and stuff. So when Addi graduated, we left M at our seats and when we came back, she said, 'I almost cried watching Addi graduate! She's just so little!'

She asked if she could come up with us during their songs and of course, we said yes. Then when they are performing, I look at Makayla and she is crying her eyes out!! Both times!! Then she tells me, "I'm just so proud of my sisters! I can't believe they are growing up and they will be at my school next year!"

You guys, I die. She has THE sweetest and most loving heart ever. She is the best big sister in the entire world and I am so proud of her and her little sisters.

It was a tearful event last night, but they were all happy tears! We ended the evening with a little treat for the graduates. Makayla wanted to get them flowers, but she said the flowers smelled like goldfish, so she went the safer route with a mug and stuffed animal. She has the heart of an angel, you guys.

I am just so proud and in awe of all three of my darlings. Of how much they are learning and growing on a daily basis. Of how kind they are to each other and to their friends. Of the love they share for our little family. Of how protective they all are of their sisters. I'm just so proud and in awe of them.

They are my life and I wouldn't change them for the world.

Congrats, graduates! You are the sweetest little biscuits of life. And your big sister is so, so freaking proud.

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