16 June 2015


Somehow my blog always loses touch with reality. I think real life just happens and I forget to actually post anything on my blog. Because I'm too busy living life to write about it. Or something. Who knows?

Either way, we have been super busy around here and summer just started!!

We made an unexpected week long trip to Virginia for a family emergency. It wasn't a fun trip for us to have to take because of the circumstances, but I'm glad we got to visit family for a while. We left on June 2nd and came back home June 9th. Makayla missed the last four days of first grade AND her first ballet recital, but there will always be more of those things. She was very upset about missing her recital and she cried a lot, but we explained that family is more important. She gets it and she is such an amazing kid. Addison also missed her best friend's birthday party and cried about that, but we told her the same thing and she understood, too.

So we came home June 9th and then Adam and Makayla turned right back around and went to Ohio for the weekend on June 12th. They went for Adam's sister, Sarah's, graduation party. Insanity!!

That's kind of what we've been up to lately. Now we are relaxing at home and getting ready for Addison's birthday party, which is this Saturday.

Life just never stops! This past weekend when we were missing two of our family members, the little ones and I went grocery shopping, got Kalkidan's hair cut for this blazing hot summer, hit up World Market because Mama had a $10 coupon and needed a new soap dispenser for the kitchen and got Adam's Father's Day gift. We were busy bees!! Addison also picked out a new Anna and Elsa doll with some birthday money she got in the mail!

Yesterday we went to the library so Makayla could get her first prize for the Summer Reading Program. I signed all the girls up last week and they each have a little booklet and for every 15 minutes they read, they get a check mark. They have a row of places for checks, so every five hours is a row and you get a prize for every row. Then when the whole thing is filled up, they get a bigger prize. It's fun and Makayla and Addison LOVE to read, so they are flying through it! Kalkidan isn't as big a fan of reading as them, so she's a little behind, but that's okay! It's fun for them and they love getting check marks!! :)

Today we went to the school to get some paperwork M's teacher left in the office for us. Then we ran to Target to pick up my prescription that was ready and we came home! I made lunch for my babes and now they are having some Quiet Time in their rooms, which I write this up and finish my current book! Hopefully. And watch some Friends.

I started re-watching Friends on Netflix even though I own all the DVDs. This way is more fun because I don't have to change out the discs! HA! I'm at the end of season three and I've been watching it for a few months. Oops! Life kinda happens, though. I did watch season three of Orange Is The New Black this weekend, though. I flew through that!

That's our life in a nutshell around here. Things won't be slowing down anytime soon and that's okay! We have LOTS to get done this summer and I'm so excited to share it with you....later! :)

Have a great day!!

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