04 March 2015

Wednesday Weeklies!

Well, I dropped the ball on this again. I mean, you guys probably figured I would. I've already sucked at keeping up with my blog this year. Again. Whatevs. Let's just get on with it, shall we?

•I'm addicted to books. Everyone who knows me even the tiniest bit knows this about me. So this list is my life.

25 Signs You're Addicted to Books

•And let's just keep with the book theme since they are my life. These are the worst. And this is also why I NEVER let people borrow my books. Go to your library and save me the headache, thanks.

The 26 Worst Things to Happen to a Book Lover.

•Another thing you should know about me is that I'm an introvert. I would MUCH rather snuggle in my bed or a comfy spot and read a book than go out into the world. This list is spot freaking on.

27 Problems Only Introverts Understand

•This is just adorable. Introjis are emojis for introverts. Again, my life. Yes. They need to make these ASAP.

Emojis for Introverts.

•This list is the best thing of life! If you weren't in the Air Force, you probably won't understand, but it is perfection. I love this list and it's just all kinds of the best.

32 Terms Only Airmen Will Understand

•These vandalized signs are hilarious. These are the things that have me cracking up all day long. I love pictures like this. Keep doin' what you're doin', party peeps!!

33 Hilarious Vandalized Signs.

•And these adorable animals will make any day better. Obsessed.

48 Tumblr Animals

Annnnnnnd that's it! Hope you enjoyed and read them all! Until next time! Which probably won't be next week because, let's just get serious.

Peace, y'all!!

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