18 February 2015

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Day.

Today was awful. Just all kinds of gross.

So we got a puppy on Sunday. Yay! He's adorable. His name is Max and we are all obsessed with him. Well except Addi. She won't come within three feet of him unless he's sleeping. HAHA!

Anyway back to today. Addi hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days. My girls have had really bad luck with getting sick since winter started. It's been gross and awful and horrible and I wish sickness would just leave. But it's here to stay awhile.


I took Kalkidan to her speech appointment today. Yay! She's finally in speech therapy!! We started two weeks ago with the evaluation and she failed, which is good and bad. Good because she finally qualifies and bad because, well, she qualifies. But at least she can get the help she needs now! So we did that. And usually on Wednesdays we go see Makayla for lunch, but I told her this morning that I needed to take Addi to the doctor so we couldn't come today. I got Addi an appointment for 11:15.

We stopped at Target for some essentials (coffee travel cup and Dr. Pepper) and then went to her appointment. We discovered she has an ear infection. Again. Ughhhhhh. She literally cannot catch a break with the sickness. Oy with the poodles already! Gilmore girls reference FTW.

So thennnnnn, she took a nap. And woke up. And she was upset and HOT. SO HOT. I took her temp.


I mean, really? So I'm losing my damn mind, shoving Tylenol down her throat and making her drink juice and holding an ice pack on her forehead and calling Adam and trying to decide if we should speed to Urgent Care and calling the pediatrician and wow. It was insane. Oh and the puppy is losing his damn mind because he's all tied up in his leash and can't reach his water. I mean just bananas around here.

I threw her (I didn't really throw her) into a cool bath and she said it was too cold and then she finally relaxed into it and said it felt good. She stayed in there for a bit and her temp finally went to 102. Hallelujah!!!!!

It was crazy town. Oh yeah, I also told Adam to come home somewhere in there because did I mention I was losing my damn mind?! So he came home about that time and just took over.

Makayla has ballet on Wednesdays instead of Mondays now so I took her over there and was looking forward to sitting in the car for an hour to read while she danced her sweet little heart out.

We went into her classroom and she was telling me about a game the girls play and then some other girls came in and they were running around and Makayla came barreling toward the barres (they're stand alone ones) and she tripped over the end of one and slammed her face straight into the ground. And I stood there and watched it happen.

She started screaming and I grabbed her and she was crying and the teacher came in right at that moment and the girl that was chasing M was worried it was her fault and just like that, another disaster on our hands. Makayla didn't want to stay for class after that and I don't blame her. Her sweet little lip is busted open a little bit and after we left, a scrape on her nose came through. She falls hard, that one.

So instead of ballet, we enjoyed dinner at Chipotle together. That was a super highlight of my day, for sure. My girl is hilarious. She would eat her rice and put it between her top teeth and her lip and then smile. Oh man, I was dying with the laughter. She's the sweetest. And she kept hiding her face because she said she didn't want anyone to see. I told her she's beautiful no matter what. All the time.

It's been a hell of a day. I'm glad it's over and we can start fresh tomorrow. Addison isn't going to school because of insane high fever and just no. We have a vet appointment for our cat to get flea treatment since we have Max now even though Mittens doesn't go outside. So that should be fun. And we were just at the vet on Tuesday for Max's first visit. He got his flea treatment and a shot and his nails clipped. He's a sweetheart. I'm also supposed to volunteer at M's school in the morning. Life is insane and this week has been all kinds of cray cray.

On the bright side, Max didn't whine at all last night in his crate! All night long!! He woke up howling, though. I think his little bladder was full. And he didn't poop in there last night, either! And he went to bed tonight without whining. We're getting somewhere!! Oh and the best news of all....he had no accidents in the house today! None!!! So proud of that little guy!!! :)

Here's a better tomorrow!!!

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