12 December 2014

Off to the ER. AGAIN.

Well we had a rather eventful day today.

It all started last night...

Around 7pm, Addison mentioned that her cheek was hurting her. Then she ran off to play so I didn't think much of it. At bedtime she said something about her left cheek hurting her again. I have no idea what that means so she went to bed and was fine. A couple hours later she woke up again and was crying in her bed. I went in and calmed her down and she was fine...went right back to sleep.

So then I went to sleep a few hours after that. I'm in bed for a couple minutes and then Addi comes running into my room. I just told her to come sleep in bed with me. Adam is gone to Virginia for work, so I had plenty of room. :) And the about two hours after she was sleeping in bed with me, she woke up and could NOT get back to sleep. A total bummer in the middle of the night, let me tell you.

We laid there trying to get back to sleep for a while and then I told her I was going to get her some medicine because she felt a little hot. I told her to cover her eyes because I was turning the light on and I didn't want to hurt her eyes. So she did and I turned the light on. Then she said, 'I'm going to just keep my hand on my bad eye.' Then I'm thinking in my brain, bad eye?! Uhhhh, what is she talking about?!

And that's when she took her hands off her eyes and I gasped. Like out loud. Her little left eye was almost completely closed and super bright red. It was pretty much the scariest thing you could think to see in the middle of the night on one of your kids. So I'm running downstairs to get some Motrin and silently freaking out in my head, wondering if I should wake the other girls and rush to the ER. Adam's not home, remember? She said it wasn't hurting her, but I imagine it was probably pretty painful. Also, Addison has a very big hatred of doctors so when I mentioned that she was all, 'I'm fine, Mommy. I'm fine.' So we tried to get back to sleep but she was in some pain so I just laid with her and she finally fell asleep and so did I.

Which brings us to this morning.

I took Makayla to school and then raced over to the ER with Addi and Kalkidan in tow. In my pjs and all. The girls were in their pjs, too. Because that's how we roll.

Our ER is a fine establishment. Not one I like to visit as often as I have since we've lived in Texas, but fine nonetheless. It is never busy, SUPER clean and the staff is way helpful and friendly. It rocks. I'm not telling you the name because I'm keeping it all to myself. That's life for ya.

Annnnyway, they took is right back to a room and the nurse came in and asked if she had her flu vaccine (she hadn't) and then came right back in with a swab to shove up her teeny nose to check for the flu. At some point in there he mentioned that this sort of thing happens if kids have the flu. That part was a little up in the air, but the answers got better over time. So he shoved this giant q-tip in her nose and she was totally not a fan of that. She cried and cried and cried. Then she calmed down and the doctor came in.

He asked me how this all started so I told him about our night last night. And he looked at her swollen little eye and said she has periorbital cellulitis. Which is just a fancy way of saying she has an infection of the skin around her eye. He said her eye is not infected, which is a good thing!

So when we went to the ER in October for Addi's ear infection, the doctor cleaned all the wax out of her right ear. It was pretty traumatic for my girl. I'm assuming it probably hurts, but I have no idea. It looks awful. But hey, at least she could hear after that! He did a great job and got TONS of wax out and it was the same doctor today, so I asked him to do her left ear. Because I'm a mean mommy that wants my kids to have clean ears. So right now is when he did that. It was awful again. And right after he did one swipe, Addi said, 'I'm fine. I can hear now!' Because she wanted him to stop. She's the most precious little thing.

Then he left for a while and we were just sitting there. Then he came back. And told us she had to get her blood drawn. So they went and got all the stuff for that. And I was holding her and they took her blood while she was sitting on my lap! Talk about traumatizing for this mama!! My little baby was screaming and the nurse just let the needle dangle out of her teeny tiny arm and omg, it was horrible. She was screaming and crying and wanted it out so bad. It was rough. Finally they were done with that. And they left again.

So we sat there.

And then we sat some more.

The doctor came back in and asked for her pediatrician's phone number so then he called her. While we waited.

He came back in and said they are going to put her on an antibiotic and she needs to get a shot of it now and then they'll prescribe it for me to pick up.

So we wait. And wait. And wait.

The nurse comes in and I'm holding Addi and he just yanks her pants off her booty and says, 'Okay I'm going to give you a shot.' Then she freaks out and I'm all, 'hold still!' so she kind of does and he jams it right in her teeny tiny tushy and she's screaming and crying and yelling and she said, 'I don't love you!!' to the nurse. That was pretty hilarious.

After that mess, the nurse says he also needs to put eye drops in her eye. To protect the eye from getting infected. At first, he tries to do it while I'm holding her, but he damn near poked her eye out, so he got smart and put her on the bed. I held her head then he put them in and we were done.

Except not.

We had to wait. But nobody told us why we were waiting. Remember how I said they were helpful? Maybe not so much.

So I hear our nurse go to another patient's room and say they can leave and I'm all, they were here after us. I get up with the girls and go into the hall and stare at him and say, 'Um, can we leave yet?' And THAT'S when he tells me he's keeping us to make sure Addi doesn't have any kind of allergic reaction the antibiotics. Oh. That would have been nice to know 20 minutes ago.

He came in, gave us our prescription and a small vile of eye drops and we were finally on our way.

It was a rough freaking day. We came home and the girls watched a movie while I got all the nasty ER germs off of me. Then I took them to Target to get Addi's meds and we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch. Olive Garden redeems all things. I even got her a piece of cake to take home for dessert later. We zoomed over to M's school to pick her up and came home and just breathed. At least I did.

Man, it was a rough day. I'm so glad my girl is okay but I feel so bad for her. She's a hot mess, but I love that she's my hot mess.

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