24 December 2014

Christmas Eve!

I love the Christmas season!! Everything is so much sweeter. Sure, there's stress that comes with the holidays, but there's so much joy and love out there, too. Even more because my baby girl's birthday is December 25th!

We have been busy little bees around here lately! I got most of my shopping done for Christmas at the beginning of the month, which has helped TREMENDOUSLY!! I highly reccomend it. Adam and I have been furiously wrapping for the past few nights. It's been insane, but it's also kind of fun! Wrapping gets you in the mood for Christmas. And oh man, I can't wait for the joy all over our girls' faces tomorrow morning!!

So, on Sunday the 21st we went to the Texas Motor Speedway to see the Christmas lights they do there every year. We didn't go last year because we didn't know they existed. It was pretty fun! You just drive through and there are lights everywhere...the Medina fairgrounds in Ohio have the same thing, but the one here costs way more. Though I don't think we will be going back next year...the girls said it was boring and kept saying they wanted to go home. What can I say? I'm raising homebodies and I like it.

On the 22nd we went to a neighborhood around here that has been rumored to have lots of lights up. It was free and way better than the Speedway!!! There's a place in California called Candy Cane Lane that we frequented every year we lived there. THAT was the best place ever. We would get hot chocolate and walk around and look at all the houses. It was awesome. This one here was pretty rad, too. They had two houses that had music going to their lights. The girls liked it a little better than the night before, but they still didn't care as much as I thought they would. Eh, oh well!

The 23rd, Addison turned four and a half years old! We don't celebrate half birthdays or anything, but it's fun to remember them! In honor of that, we let her sleep in her sister's room for the night. We dragged her little crib mattress into Makayla's room and she slept on the floor. It was so sweet and they were so excited! And little Addi was out five minutes after we put them to bed. HAHAHA!

Today we went to the Gaylord Texas Hotel to check out their lights. It was not as cool as I was expecting it to be. It was talked up quite a bit, but hey, it was free and it was fun to walk around and see some cute Christmas trees! 

All in all, I think we will just stick with our Southlake Christmas tree lighting. That has been the best and most fun thing for all of us. Traditions are traditions for a reason! Speaking of traditions, I totally flaked on my life and we didn't take the girls to get new ornaments this year! My bust. I'll blame it on the nice weather. Or something. We also put out some reindeer food for Santa's reindeer tonight! We started that last year and the girls love it! It's so freaking fun having kids on Christmas!!!!

Santa has already come and gone. I can't wait for the girls to wake up in the morning, though I know it's going to be earlier than necessary. :) Oh yeah, we opened up our new Christmas jammies this morning and the girls each got a new Christmas book, too. Christmas Eve is almost as fun as Christmas! *Almost.* Addison is the cutest thing in the whole world! When she opened her new pjs, she said, 'I was needing this!' She's the sweetest.

Merry Christmas Eve, peeps!

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