10 December 2014

December Music Programs!

Yesterday Makayla and Addison had their Christmas/music programs. At the same time. On the same night. I'm only one person, y'all! So we went to Addison's rehearsal in the morning so we could watch her one song and went to Makayla's in the evening.

Makayla had a small speaking role in it, which was awesome! She was so nervous about it but she delivered it flawlessly! Hand motions and all. :) I'm a proud mom and nothing will ever change that!

It's kind of adorable seeing your child on stage and watching her little face search the crowd for you. Makayla was looking around for us for a minute or so. She was looking at the spot we were sitting at when she left with her class. But we moved to the floor in the front row so I kept waving frantically so she could see I was still there. And then finally she saw us! And she smiled so big. Then during the entire program she kept looking at me and smiling. It was so precious.

She did an amazing job and I am just so proud of her! Stage fright is a huge thing to overcome or deal with and she wasn't scared at all! At least she didn't show it on stage. :)

Addison did a beautiful job in her song, as well. She was in the front row and thankfully we didn't have to deal with other parents so we were in the front row, too. She barely danced or did the motions, but she kinda did. It was super cute. She had a little Santa hat on and sang the song. She's so different at school! It's really weird for me to see. She is SO loud and boisterous at home and the two times I've seen her in her school environment, she is so quiet and shy. I love that she is so comfortable around her people that she just lets loose. That makes my heart happy.

Kalkidan's school doesn't do any programs, but I'm sure we will have plenty more next year when everyone is at the same school! She did have an extra day of school on Monday which was nice. Addi and I got to spend the day together grocery shopping and eating lunch at Panera and playing.

So far we've had a great week! Busy, but great. Now I need to get on this present wrapping train!!!

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