03 December 2014

Wednesday Weeklies.

It's been a few weeks since I've posted a Wednesday Weeklies. What can I say? Real life just happens. I quit Facebook on Thanksgiving, so that's been fun. I actually have time for other things! Yay me! So here ya go! Some fun things from the Interwebz this week. :)

•The Hunger Games is awesome. This video is even better.

Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading

•These photos are gorgeous. Fantastic. Beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. And they make me miss California like no other.

32 Photos of San Francisco.

•Loud talkers are kind of the best. Probably because I am one. But also because they are just awesome. This BuzzFeed post is too cute. And too real. Enjoy!

Loud Ass Talkers

•This video is pretty cool. It's only 39 seconds long so watch it. It's fun. :)

Birds in Trees.

•I love my body because it gave me my babies. It has never failed me. I delivered two of my girls and it was amazing. I love my body because it's mine.

Why I Love My Body

•My dad posted this video on Facebook (yeah I failed. I'm on Facebook again because can't stop. Won't stop, apparently.) and it's beautiful. Such a sweet family.

Father and Son.

•Moms who have never met get recorded talking about mom stuff. We have everything in common. Our kids don't sleep through the night. We had a horrible day with our toddlers. We are sad because our kids said they hated us. We have everything in common and it's awesome.

What Do Moms Who Never Met Have In Common?

•And last but not least. And also the BEST. If you watch any of these videos, watch this one. Because it had me in tears laughing this week. Amazeballs.

Jenna Marbles Whisper Challenge.

Have fun watching and reading some cool stuff from the interwebz! It's my new favorite place to hang out. Or my old favorite place. I dunno. Enjoy! :)

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