21 November 2014


It has been a crazy busy week around here!!

The babies had their usual Tuesday and Thursday school days. Kalkidan had an extra school day on Monday, which is awesome for her and me! So I just had little Addi to take care of all day. It was awesome! We went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast, just her and I. It was so fun. I love getting to spend one on one time with my girls. It makes them feel special and it makes me feel special. Pouring into their lives is SO important. Nurturing them and listening to their hearts, I just love hearing every little thing that comes out of their mouths. Then we came home and watched Frosty the Snowman, because duh! My girls are totally obsessed with that movie right now. It's so cute.

Of course we had ballet on Monday night, as usual. Makayla got to dance with her teacher as her partner for the second part of class. They have a video monitor in the waiting room area thing and I just love getting to watch her. She is so poised and she adores ballet. She talks about how she knows French all the time. :)

On Tuesday I went to lunch with Makayla at school. It took time out of my 'busy' day 'off' from children, but it's totally worth it. Spending one on one time again. She LOVES it when I come see her at school for lunch. I try to go every week, but sometimes, I just don't want to. I know that might sound awful, but I need a break from all the running, too! So we had a sweet time chattin' it up. Her teacher told me that day that she is getting an award today! But I'll get to that in a minute.

I decided Wednesday was for staying home. I didn't do anything. The littles played on the iPad and watched tv and played and ate lunch.

Addison's little class had a Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday and they invited the parents to come. So I did! She looked so sweet! They made little Indian hats with feathers that said what they are thankful for. Too adorable! She is SO quiet at school, which was really weird to see, because she is definitely NOT like that at home!! So then I went to sit down on the floor next to her and totally sat in something wet. I don't even want to think about what it was. My bootay was wet for the rest of the day...until I got a chance to come home and shower. I'm just hoping it was juice. Such is life with four year olds! :)

Before the lunch I volunteered at M's school, like I do every Thursday. I love those kids. Listening to them read sight words is so much fun for me! I LOVE reading so I want to foster the love of reading in every child everywhere!! Especially mine at home. Makayla LOVES to read and she does every chance she gets. She'll even read while watching TV! Talk about multi tasking! HAHA!

Thursday evening we had Open House at Makayla's school. She was so excited to show us everything in her school! Before we left she was telling us allll about the places she was going to take us! Mind you, we've been to her school a billion times, but it was super sweet to see her excitement. We got to see her Theater Room, Gymnasium, Music Room, the Library and of course, her classroom. They made these super sweet little pictures and 3D pumpkins that they had sitting on their desks. We also got to look through her Math Journal and Reading Journal. I love seeing what she works on at school. She is so proud and just loves showing us all around.

Which brings us to today!! At the end of every six weeks, Makayla's school has an assembly to announce the awards for the SOARing students for that six weeks. Each class has one per six weeks. And today was Makayla's day!!! She got the SOAR Award!!!! I was crying the whole time, but let me back up a second.

So obviously my girls know Daddy leaves for work before they go to school. Since he isn't here and I take them to school, right? Right. Well today Adam was still at home. AND I showered before school, which I NEVER do. So Makayla is asking us all these questions about why all this stuff is going on. "Mommy, why are you getting ready so early?" "Um Mommy, Daddy is always gone before I go to school. Why is he still at home?" So I'm making up all these things: "I wanted to get ready early today because Mittens woke me up meowing." (True.) "Daddy got up late so he is going to work later." (Not really true.) She's inquisitive, that one.

Adam drove in his car to the school so M wouldn't know anything. Obviously. Did I mention she had NO IDEA she was getting this award? Because she didn't. It was a total surprise. After I dropped her off, I parked and stayed in the car with the littles for a few minutes, waiting for Adam. We went inside and sat at the back of the auditorium waiting and waiting and waiting. She came in, didn't see us, sat down. All's good. :)

I taped when they said her teacher's name so I could record what her teacher had to say about her. I was crying the whole time because how can you not? My daughter, MY DAUGHTER, got the highest award at her school. How amazing is that?! So her guidance counselor read this beautiful note that her teacher wrote about her and how she SOARs everywhere she goes and then they said her name right at the end. Since she had no idea, she got up, had the most shocked look on her face, threw her hands up to her mouth, and then walked up to her teacher. It was so precious!!!!! While all that was happening, her guidance counselor said, "Look at her face!" She was the only one that was totally shocked. It was just priceless. I love her so much. And then, when she went back to her seat, all of her classmates were giving her high fives.

I just can't even tell you how proud I am of her. It is a beautiful thing to see all your hard work, as a parent, pay off. To see your child succeed and succeed again and again and again. I know this is NOT about me, but it's an affirmation that I'm doing something right as a Mama. Knowing that she's going to school every day with a great attitude and a beautiful, caring heart, makes everything right in the world.

Makayla, I am so proud of you. I am proud of the girl you are becoming and the heart that you have. I love how you love to help others every chance you get. I love how you don't care about other peoples' differences. You embrace everyone, no matter what. I love that you do quality work all the time and you don't even need to be told! You just do that because it's who you are. You are an amazing and beautiful little girl, inside and out. I love you with every part of me. Also, please stop growing up, no matter how wonderful you are. I love you forever and you always make me proud, award or not.

So that's that. I quit for the weekend. Except not really because we have SO many fun things for this weekend, too! :)

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