23 November 2014

Our Weekend.

We had an amazing two days, you guys! I ADORE spending time with my family. All of us together doing some fun stuff. Even if it's just hanging out at home on the weekends. I LOVE when we are all together. There's just something about having all your people under one roof. It's amazing.

I also LOVE when we get to go out and do fun stuff together! Like this weekend! Our weekend was jam packed full of awesome.

Yesterday we went to the circus in Fort Worth! It was the first time I have ever been to a circus and so, by proxy, the first time my girls have been, as well!

We had to walk through the animal tent to get to the Big Top and Makayla was so not a fan of that. She plugged her nose the entire time. It did stink, but she's totally obvious about it. Just one of the many things I love about her. :)

There were clowns standing around but they didn't do anything except sign the programs.

Then when we got to our seats, Makayla refused to sit down because she thought it was dirty. Can you tell my girl is not a fan of being messy? She comes by it honest.

When it started, it was magic. The entire thing was just so much fun and the girls were in awe of the whole thing! The first thing was nine tigers in the ring with one man. It was scary but the tigers were so well behaved and beautiful. Makayla loved them and wants us to have one for a pet. HAHA!

There were acrobats and a clown family and elephants and horses. It was just all kinds of fun! The girls had a blast. It was awesome. That's really all I can say. Awesome.

When it was over, it was raining super hard and we had to walk back to our car. Which was probably at least half a mile away. I know, not far. But when it's raining, and you have three tiny children with you, that's far. The girls all braved it just like they did at Disney World. They are such troopers and rarely complain! Well, they don't complain about big stuff, at least. Just small stuff. I'm getting off topic. So we were soaked when we got in the car and we came home, got nice warm baths and went straight to bed. We were all exhausted.

And today we went to the Southlake Christmas tree lighting. We went last year and it was THE BEST! Tonight did not disappoint! It will definitely be a tradition for us as long as we live in Texas.

They have so many things going on and everything but the food is free! The girls decorated sugar cookies. Okay that part is free. We got a Christmas craft for them to do at home. They made reindeer food. One thing to check off my list at home! :) And, just like last year, they had free Christmas ornaments. So we got one for each of the girls. One day we will have an entire Southlake Christmas tree with just the ornaments from the tree lighting. HA!

Then Santa comes out at the top of the city hall building and says hi to everyone. He turns on this huge light switch and all the lights in the town square come on, including the tree! It's beautiful! Then the have fake snow blowing after the tree is lit. Told you...it's fun!

We were going to get the girls hot chocolate there but the line was atrocious so we stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got them each a kids hot chocolate. Oh yes, we also ate at Torchy's Tacos beforehand. We wanted to go to this place called Snappy Salads, but apparently the close at 3 on Sundays. Hey, I'm not complaining. Torchy's is my all time FAVE.

Our weekend was the best. I'm so thankful that we have the means to do this stuff with our girls. I absolutely LOVE making memories with them. They are the best.

How was your weekend?

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