29 November 2014

Christmas Shopping!!

You guys, it's not even December yet and I'm DONE Christmas shopping! I can't even believe myself.

Okay back up.

I should say I'm done Christmas shopping for my girls. Yeah, that's better. I still have to buy Adam gifts and my mom and stepdad. But other than that, I'm DONE! My in laws are all donezo. Even the sistahs! That's, like, really good. And also, unheard of.

I'm even done with Makayla's birthday gifts! If you're new around here, then I'll tell you...Makayla's birthday is Christmas Day. And over the last almost seven (!!) years, I've discovered how awesome and fun it is to have a Christmas birthday!! It is SO rad. For her AND me! Makayla LOVES telling people that her birthday is Christmas Day and people are always shocked. It's awesome. It just adds to the fun that is Christmas around our house.

So yes, I'm done shopping. Almost or whatever. But I finished yesterday. On Black Friday! Am superhero.

I also went to see Mockingjay last night. AWESOME. Totally worthsies. I kind of love doing stuff by myself. Mostly because I kind of hate other people but also because I kind of love me. Harharhar.

Lots of fun stuff is coming up around here this week! We need to bring Pillow the elf back and get our Christmas tree and decorate it and decorate the house! And wheeeee Christmas!!!!!!!

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