12 November 2014

Day 11.

Today is Day 11 on this crazy Whole 30 journey. It's HARD, you guys. It's EXHAUSTING cooking and then cleaning the kitchen. And then cleaning the kitchen again. And then cooking again. Seriously exhausting.

BUT. I'm getting through it. I did eat a teeny bit of Wendy's on Monday night. But I'm owning it. I did it. It didn't jump into my mouth. I messed up.

BUT. I am officially down 6.8 pounds today and THAT is awesome. I will keep going.

It's funny how I'm so sick of cooking and cleaning up the kitchen and cooking again and you get the idea. And then, when I ate that stupid Wendy's, my body totally rejected it. I felt awful for the rest of the night. So clean eating is really kind of awesome. Even if I hate cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning.

I'll get through this and hopefully lose even more weight! I don't know if that poundage is water weight or actual fat, but either way, that mess is NOT coming back on my bod. NOPE.

Get excited, people! 19 more days to go!!!

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