05 November 2014

Wednesday Weeklies.

I'm kind of loving this. It's super fun to read stuff on the interwebz and then bring them, at least the good ones, all to one place for you to read and for me to look back on later in my lifetime.

Without further adieu...

•This is just ridic. Hilarity at its finest. These are my favorite kind of things to look at on the world wide web. Just so much funny.

32 Greatest Tumblr Moments.

•Another spooky, eerie post for all you freaks. I'm one of you, so we're in good company. I also love this because a lot of them are in Ohio. Spooky, haunted places are my new fave. Which is a far cry from my younger years. Enjoy these gorgeous photos.

13 Real Life Haunted Houses

•This is a really great account of someone's personal Whole 30 journey. This is motivating to me and I'm realizing more and more that if so many other people did and do Whole 30, I can too. I need to stop quieting my inner failure.

For Blogness Sake Whole 30.

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