05 November 2014

Whole 30. Days 3 and 4.

Yesterday was day three of this crazy clean eating journey. I mean, it's not really crazy, but yesterday I was SUPAH pissed off. Like, all day. I had no idea what to eat and everything just sounded stupid.

I finally settled on two hard boiled eggs and an orange for breakfast. Not super filling, but it worked. Then I was damn near starving at 10:30 so I made myself and early lunch...or meal 2. Leftover almond flour crusted chicken and some Brussels sprouts. I fried them all up in a pan together with some spices and done. It was better than expected. I keep trying to keep in mind one of the things they say for Whole 30...am I hungry enough to eat grilled chicken and broccoli? If yes, then eat something. If no, then it's just my brain playing tricks on me. Again.

Dinner was pork lettuce wraps and some fried potatoes. I tried so hard to make the meat juicy and full of flavor. Adam liked it, but it could use some work. Everything was compliant, so go me! Then Adam made me a fruit smoothie for after dinner. I'm really missing sauces and juicy-ness. So that smoothie hit the freaking spot.

I wanted all the sugars yesterday so I ate more fruit than you're supposed to, but I haven't cheated!! So go me.

Today, I woke up feeling refreshed. Last night, I actually went to bed at 9:30 which is like totally unheard of for me. Of course, I didn't get to sleep through the night because Addison woke up at midnight needing her blanket put back on her. I need to get back on using our sticker chart for good sleep habits. She was doing so well and now. Well, now we are back to this. And I also had Makayla in our bed last night and I don't sleep well when she is in our bed. She moves a lot and pushes me and then she woke up screaming at 4:30 this morning. But hey! I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up feeling actually good. I only hit snooze on my alarm once. So go me. :)

Then breakfast came. I had this spicy sausage that I bought a few days ago...before Whole 30...and I checked the label. Not compliant. Citric acid and some other junk to help 'preserve freshness' or whatever. But I made some anyway because I really wanted it. There was no sugar added so I thought, 'What's the harm?!' Oh very much harm. So much harm.

I made about half of the package and I promptly threw the rest away so I wouldn't be tempted to eat more of it. Then I made over easy eggs and some green peppers.

That stupid sausage made me so sick. I don't even know, you guys. I feel all barfy and my eyeballs are going wonky and it's just a mess. I didn't even eat all of it because WHILE I WAS EATING IT, I started to feel disgusting. What a mess. So I'm not going to call that cheating because I do what I want. But I made a mistake. A big one. And I definitely learned from it.

It is literally no joke what they say about all this stuff that is added into food. And I'm only on day four and I already feel it! That's crazy and kind of awesome at the same time. So I'm ready for the rest of today. And I won't be doing that again. Not worth it.

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