07 January 2013

Melkam Gena!

Today is Christmas in Ethiopia! So we get to celebrate two Christmases! It is so much fun in our house! I have lots of catching up to do...sooooo many pictures to sift through! But for now, I'll start with where we are today. Gena!

We had a great little feast of doro wat with dabo. No injera for us since we didn't order any in time and our injera maker isn't here yet. :( But it was delicious nonetheless! I was crazy busy today...running to the grocery store while Makayla was in preschool. It was my first time taking the babies out by myself. It was hard, but I managed. I just stuck both of them in the cart before I went in to the store and it worked out pretty well. Thankfully I didn't have much to get or there would have been no room! :)

I got some last minute stuff for our dinner, some green, yellow and red balloons and small gifts for the girls. In Ethiopia, Christmas isn't about giving and getting gifts. It's about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Love that! Let's get back to the Reason we celebrate in the first place. So I bought the girls all socks. They were way excited about socks! It was cute.

I spent the rest of the day, during nap time, making niter kibbeh (clarified butter with spices and stuff), chopping onions and preparing everything for our doro wat. It was nice and simple, but a sweet little feast. I wrapped the gifts, hung our Ethiopian flag and got the girls dressed in their Habesha dresses. I couldn't find Addi's though. :( It was a low key day and I think the girls loved having another day to have a celebration! Oh, I also made brownies for dessert. Yum. Enjoy pictures from our awesome Gena celebration!!
Adam made this sign the night before for us to hang up. It says Melkam Gena in Amharic. :)
Melkam Gena!
Love this. :)
One little Habesha...
So sweet.
My niter kibbeh gone wrong... :(
Me and my sweet Habesha girl.
Daddy and his oldest girl.
She was over it. :)
Daddy and his sweet Habesha girl.
And his youngest girl!

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Colin and Jess said...

Love the celebration! And especially the sweet girlies in their Ethiopian flag-colored clothing...brilliant!