09 January 2013


Here we are nine days in to the new year. We've had a hard time adjusting to everything that's been going on around here. Life has been hard. The suffering and the hurt and the crying out to God that we have done, they all shape us and mold us into who we are. But ultimately, they bring us to joy. And that is what we should remember.

So yes. Nine days in. A lot has happened in nine days.

We started potty training Addison on the first. We haven't been very committed with it because I'm usually just overwhelmed with every day life...taking care of the girls, making breakfast, lunch and dinner. Okay that's a lie. Adam makes dinner 99% of the time. Getting Makayla to preschool three days a week, cleaning the house, folding the laundry, playing with my kids, homework stress, etc., etc. We have started potty training, but we're taking it slow. The first day, we jumped right in...straight to undies. It was too soon. We're in Pull-Ups now and sitting on the potty every hour. She has peed in the potty one time in these nine days, but I'm not stressing about it. I'm just taking it one day at a time.

On the second, I got my new tattoos. They are gorgeous and I am in love with them. Africa on my wrist, seven birds on my right forearm and hope in Amharic above the birds. Love, love, love.

Makayla has gone back to school. We are all happy to have our routine back, though I miss having fun family days together, snuggled in at home. We had an awesome snow storm over the break and Adam and Makayla built forts outside. They have loved it! Though it looks like they might start to melt today. :(
Just a little taste test. ;)
Makayla in her fort with her mail! :)
HUGE. I mean, HUGE.
Makayla next to hers and Kalkidan's.
And here is the entrance! For little people only...obviously. ;)
We started sponsoring another child in Ethiopia. This time, through Compassion International. We are SO excited because we think she found out that she will get to go to school on Gena! Which is so amazing. We are so thankful that God has blessed us so abundantly so that we can bless others. What a gift.
Our sweet Lemlem. She has been waiting almost a year for a sponsor.
Sunday, the 6th, was the first time we all went to church together! Kalkidan will be staying with us during the service, which is what we feel is best for her right now. The nursery is too much like an orphanage setting for her.

We celebrated Ethiopian Christmas on the 7th, which you can read about in my blog post here.

In between all that, I've been reading lots of books, taking lots of pictures on Instagram, loving my kids and trying to be in the moment. We have also, as a family, been doing our Jesus Calling devotional. Every night after I am finished reading it and explaining it to the kids, Adam prays for them. It's such a beautiful time for us a family and I'm praying that it will really connect us to each other and grow us closer to Jesus. And we've started taking daily vitamins together every night at dinner. It's not huge, but I just love it. I love doing things that connect us to each other.

Also every night at dinner, we read a question from a jar that we have sitting on the table. It's been fun to hear how the kids answer each question. I got them off the internet here.

Yesterday Makayla was super sick. Sweet girl. She is usually go, go, go and talk, talk, talk all day long. Yesterday morning, she just laid on the floor with her blankey and Doggy. When I asked if she wanted to eat lunch she said no, so I knew she was serious. At 11:30, I asked if she wanted to go to bed and she said yes. She slept until 2 and then came down and laid on the couch for another hour. After that she seemed to be doing better and was back up and playing. She didn't eat much at dinner and her forehead was still pretty hot. She took a bath and then came downstairs and just laid on the couch. When it was time for bed, she got off the couch and started screaming and pointing to her mouth. Then she barfed all over the kitchen floor. Poor girl. I felt so bad for her, but she was so precious about it all. We cleaned her up and put her to bed. She seems to be feeling better today, but I kept her home from preschool so we don't spread our germs.

Kalkidan started sleeping in her own room at night time for the first time last night!! We are so excited to have one room in the house that is just ours again. I know it seems like something so little, but it's a blessing to be able to sleep and not have to tip-toe in, praying you don't wake your 3 year old. :) Addison and Kalkidan share a room and last night was awesome. Addi usually cries for an hour every night...last night, she didn't cry at all! I'm thinking this is going to be really great for both of them. Our sweet little twinsies. :)

That's what's been happening here since 2013 started! Never a dull moment around here. Makayla's birthday party is on Saturday so we are getting ready for that, too! :)

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