06 February 2013

Happy Birthday, Kalkidan!

We have had such a busy few months...doing two Christmases and celebrating Makayla's birthday and figuring out life around here. It's been crazy! And after all that, Kalkidan's third birthday was just around the corner...today!!!

Dear Sweet Kalkidan,

You have been home for less than three months. We are all still getting to know you and learn what makes you tick.

You are a silly, spunky little thing! You love to scream which sometimes makes your Mommy crazy, but we're working through that. :)

You have been sleeping through the night since you came home and that has been a dream!! You don't nap consistently, though. I'm pretty sure you just hang out and play and poop in your diaper. But that's okay! You need some downtime in your day, too.

You LOVE spending time with your sisters. So much. It's so sweet for me to see...at least when everyone is being nice to each other, that is. :)

You are catching on to English so quick! You can say Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Addi, no, yeah, please, milk (milt), thank you, all done, okay, bye. And you can make small, short sentences out of those words, as well!

You have to check everything out everywhere we go. You love to grab things and figure out what they are and what they do. You test the limits a lot. I know that's just part of who you are.

You get really sad when I leave to go anywhere and you aren't coming. You try to get your shoes to come with me, too. I take this as a good sign that you're attaching to me as your Mommy.

You have called some other people mommy over these past few months, but over time, I know that will stop. It must be so hard for you to come here and have just one person taking care of you.

We are working so hard to bond with you, sweet one. We have had some difficult times when you just scream and scream and scream, but God has been so gracious in those times...even when it doesn't feel like it.

Your Daddy and I are so thankful that you are our sweet middle child. You have changed us. You have especially changed me. You've given me more patience than I ever could imagine, all while testing my patience! ;) I am so thankful that God chose you to be part of our family, Kalkidan. I pray that you know every day how much you are loved by your whole family.

This was a big birthday for us. I don't think you have ever celebrated your birthday before this year. It was so special to us to be able to have our little family celebrate YOU and your sweet life! A moment we will never forget for sure. We didn't have a big party or anything...we didn't want to overload you with people that you don't know. Maybe next year you will be ready to have some friends over!

I love you forever,
Spunky little three year old!!
Love this beautiful face. 
This family will love you forever, sweet one!!
Opening your gifts from Ethiopia!! :)
And your sweet Tiana dress that Daddy and Makayla got for you!
Your first birthday cupcake.

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