07 May 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 7 years to us!!! Today is our anniversary!! :) Makayla's end of the year zoo day was today. Her whole school was there and I made Adam come with us so we could spend some time together. He met us there and we took the girls all over the zoo. It was so fun! Her preschool gave her a paper to get stamps on at some different animals and she loved that! There weren't teachers at a couple of the animals (at first) so Adam drew the animals in the little box for her. He's such a good daddy. :) Then later we found the teachers and M got her stamps, too!
Oh my stars I love these girls!!!
Daddy and Makayla riding the carousel!!
Addi watching and propping her feet up. :)
We're the coolest penguins ever.
Oh my word, this girl is a HAM!!!
Proudest big sister ever. :D
We never forget about our Ethiopia Baby. All my kids! 
The girls waiting on their Ethiopia Baby. LOVE.
To exit the zoo you have to go through the gift shop and Makayla wanted this little lizard, so I got her one. It was two bucks! We got Addi one, too. :D

In other semi-related news, Addison is a little copycat! We were driving home from the zoo today and Makayla was 'feeding' her little lizard and Addison started 'feeding' her bear and Woofy (wolf)! It was too precious.

We ate lunch and then went outside to blow bubbles. Makayla was taking her wand and hitting the bubbles that were on the grass with it. Addison started doing the same thing! I love seeing her grow and learn things from her big sister.

Tonight, Adam and I went to Benihana for dinner. We each got a $30 gift certificate for our birthdays so our meal was totally FREE! It was glorious. The food was SO good and the people we sat with were totally fun. One of the couples at our table was celebrating their anniversary, too...36 years today!! So awesome.
After dinner. I love this man.
After that, we headed to the movie theater to see The Avengers. It was amazing!! I told Adam I want to go see it again because it was THAT good.

All in all, it was a fabulous 7th anniversary for us. I love just spending time with my husband and our beautiful children. I am so blessed.

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