05 May 2012

Do You Ever?

Do you ever forget how long it's been since you changed your sheets?

Do you ever wish you had a better pillow so your neck wasn't broken every morning?

Do you ever remember that you have an abundance of pillows, and even though one may hurt your neck, at least you have one (or a thousand)?

Do you ever want to go out to eat just because you don't want to make dinner?

Do you ever hate taking a shower every day because it just takes so darn long?

Do you ever have a pantry full of groceries and complain that there's nothing to eat?

Do you ever just want to drink pop all day instead of water?

Do you ever get really frustrated with your kids and can't stand to be around them for even a second more?

Do you ever wish that your house would stay clean for more than a minute?

Do you ever wish the laundry and dishes would just stop piling up?

Do you ever not want to make dinner?

Do you ever feel jealous of those moms that look like they have it all together?

Do you ever want to be one of those moms even though you know it isn't really true?

Do you ever feel like your whole life might need a makeover?

Do you ever have a massive list of projects to get done and somehow none of them ever get done?

Do you ever look at your living room and feel so very, very blessed that you have two beautiful children that made it look like a tornado went through it?

Do you ever think about stuff that you're sure nobody else thinks about?

Do you ever wonder how to fix a situation and come up completely clueless?

Do you ever wonder why your children do such nasty things sometimes?

Do you ever remember that it's because you do those nasty things and they see it?

Do you ever see your children loving each other so deeply and beautifully that it makes you cry?

Do you ever want to give more of yourself to everyone in need?

Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough?

Do you ever wish you had more money to buy more things?

Do you ever think how selfish that is and how you need to focus on bigger things?

Do you ever get sick and tired of hearing people complain about the littlest things?

Do you ever think that people just need to be happy?

Do you ever hope that people would know just how really great they have it?

Do you ever get annoyed when your neighbor mows his yard nearly every day during nap time?

Do you ever think you have too many things distracting you from what's really important?

Do you ever feel like you might watch too many tv shows and it's time to cut some out?

Do you ever want to just stare at the wall?

Do you ever just want to be in Ethiopia so bad that you think your heart might explode out of your chest if you don't get there, like, yesterday?

Do you ever have no idea how you're going to handle what you're going to see in Ethiopia?

Do you ever wonder what you're going to do with all that you see there once you get home?

Do you ever think about how drastically different your life will be once you return home?

Do you ever think about how nobody else around you is going to understand what you went through, no matter how much they want to know about your trip?

Well, I do.


Sleeping Beauty said...

Beautiful post. I love your heart. And yes, I ponder some of those things. It's a lovely thing. No one else will understand your trip. Do you remember when I got back from the PI and me and you went to McDonald's and you wanted to know all about it and I was so vague and couldn't find the words? It's because I was thoroughly overwhelmed and wrecked and had no way to put into words the beauty that was God and the Philippines and all of it. I still don't have all of the words. I am so blessed to read this post. <3

Colin and Jess said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, my friend. Unfortunately, yes.