23 March 2012


I got fully funded for my mission trip today!!! Actually funded $10 over what I needed!!! Which is SO awesome!! That extra will be going in our adoption fund, so yay for that, too!! :)

Also, we broke the $22,000 mark for our adoption fundraising!! How awesome is that?!

Oh man, it's been a good day. I love how the Body of Christ just comes together and makes these things happen...and happen so huge!!! I mean, I don't even have to pay my next payment to Visiting Orphans until April 1st and BAM! I'm fully funded a whole 9 days before that deadline! And I was getting a bit worried for a second there.

I cannot wait to see where this next $9,000 comes from to fundraise our two trips to Ethiopia for our adoption.

God is good.


MarksMomma said...

Awesome!!! Congrats, and you're right, it will be exciting to see how God provides! :)

Jonathan and Rachel said...

God IS good:)

Sleeping Beauty said...

Wonderful! This is so exciting!!!!

Ginny said...

Love reading your blog! So excited for your family on this adoption journey... Those little posts about donations at just the right moment remind me of His perfect timing. Feeling that with our experience, too! Over $22,000 raised shows the incredible warmth and spirit of an amazing woman, too!

Ginny said...

You won the African print sling bag giveaway! Let me know which color you like best, and I'll get it in the mail right away!

Melissa said...

Giving thanks with you! Amazing!