23 March 2012

21 Months.

Dear Addi,

Today you are 21 months old! I'm seriously blown away by how quickly these 21 months have gone. We've been through a lot in these almost two years. You've have a tumor scare, you didn't walk until the day after we took you to an orthopedic doctor, we moved you across the country at 3 months old. Oh and we're adopting your little brother or sister from Ethiopia!! You have had a lot to get used to in these 21 months, but you take it all in stride, baby girl.

You are so easy going and just love life. This is my absolute favorite stage of life because I get to see those wheels turning and then see them click into place. You are starting to 'get' stuff now. You're understanding so much more and I love watching it happen!

Every morning we come downstairs and you immediately want your shoes on. You go to the front door, pick up your shoes and bring them over to me. Then you sit down on the floor and wait for me to put them on your little feet. After that, you walk over to the garage door and wait until we go outside. If something else is going on at the time, you whine and scream at me until I drop what I'm doing and we go!

You walk with your left arm swinging and it is the cutest thing ever!

Whenever you want a snack, you go to the cupboard where we keep your little bowls and plates, grab a bowl, go to the pantry and wait until we come get you something.

We've been teaching you how to say 'thank you' after someone gives you something. You're getting the hang of it, but right now it sounds like 'de-do' and it's totally awesome.

All of us (Makayla included) walk around saying 'doe-be-dee, doe-be-die' because you started saying that a couple months ago and we LOVE it!

Makayla takes you for rides in her Jeep almost every day and you are so chill. You just hang out in there with your little seatbelt on and cruise with your big sister. It makes me look to the days when your big sister will be giving you rides...in a real car! Eeeek!! Though it does look totally cute these days...and Makayla will look over at you to make sure you're okay and then she goes off the sidewalk into someone's yard! HA! Let's hope we can remedy that before she really starts driving! :)

You read books upside down, but you're still totally excited to look at all the pictures.

When we go to Makayla's preschool to pick her up from class, you bolt into her classroom, past all the other moms waiting for their kids. It's pretty hilarious and I totally let it happen because I think it's awesome. Even if you are going in there to play with the toys...not to get your sister.

Lately you've started giving us all kisses. Oh my word, it is too precious!! I'll ask you to give Sissy a kiss and you stroll over (left arm flailing) and stick your little face out, lips puckered up, waiting for Sissy to bring it in. Sometimes, she's a little mad at the world, so she doesn't always comply, but when she does, oh man! Then, you always decide that you must give Mommy and Daddy one of your amazing kisses as well. And we totally oblige you because how could we not?! It's too sweet.

Every time I put you down for a nap or bed time, you lay your head on my shoulder and drape your left arm around my neck. Slay me! I cannot put you down after that! You're my little snuggle bug and I know these moments are fleeting, so I take them when I can get them. It's my favorite.

You also love to snuggle up while we're watching Blues Clues, which happens to be your favorite show. You always make this 'oh' face when I put it on and you do this little squeal because you are just so excited!!

I'm telling you, 21 months is my favorite. You're such a blast to hang out with every day. You and Makayla are starting to get along better these days, too. Though you occasionally throw some blows at her when she starts bugging you. You girls do play together and color together pretty well most of the time.

I'm so glad God has given me the privilege to be your Mommy. It's an honor, precious one.

I love you!

(Pictures to be added later!)

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