19 March 2012


I feel like every day there is something going on or something that needs to be done. Or something that's keeping me from getting things done that I need to get done. My sink is loaded with dirty dishes and my dryer is stuffed full of clean, dry clothes that are waiting to be folded. My dishwasher is chocked full of clean dishes just waiting for their home. I've switched out all the girls' clothes since it's freaking summer in March and I have yet to fold their winter stuff and put it in the basement. Why is my house in shambles? Because of my foot.

I'm just gonna go through last week because I feel like a lot happened and I haven't really shared much of our personal lives in a while. Or something like that.

Monday we didn't do much of anything. Just hung out at home for the day.

Tuesday we enjoyed the sunshine...took 50,000 walks and chalked up our driveway. It was beautiful and the weather did not disappoint! I also happened to get a wart removed from my foot. Gross, I know. I got it lasered off and it was SUPER painful. Well, not the lasering, but getting 7 shots in it beforehand was stinking painful. But at least I didn't feel the laser! So now, I can barely walk. It's been a fun week, let me tell ya! I limp everywhere and it hurts very badly. The doctor gave me Vicodin for the pain except that whenever I take it, I immediately fall asleep so then I'm rendered useless for my darling children. That's a no dice. Anyway, yeah. I'm happy to have finally gotten it removed, but I'm looking forward to the day when I don't have to limp around in pain. I've been doing a lot of sitting, hence the no dishes being done anywhere. I also went to Olive Garden with my girls, Ashley and Heidi. We've been friends since high school and we get together once a month to catch up on life. It's always a blast and we love closing out the OG! HAHA!

Wednesday my mom came over to help me out. It's a HUGE blessing living so close to her because she came over and took the girls outside on some walks and to chalk it up...while I rested inside. I'm not kidding...this sucker HURTS.

Thursday nothing happened. I've just been in pain, that's all.

Friday was a pretty eventful day! In the morning I went to get some shots for my upcoming mission trip. I got yellow fever, typhoid and Tdap. So I'm all covered now...between those and the ones I got at my doctor's office. Of course I had to go to the health department which means I had to pay out of pocket. I'm waiting to get the receipt in the mail so I can send it to our insurance company and get reimbursed for them. I hope it works out easily! I also went to get my malaria prescription filled and the pharmacy told me that our insurance only covers 5 pills at a time, so I get half now and half when I come back. Isn't that funny?

That evening, my mom came over to watch the girls while Adam and I headed to a marriage conference at our church. It was an evening full of information and we're going to go over everything together again because it was just so much.

While we were there, I called my mom to let her know that I didn't have my cell phone with me so if something happened to just call Adam's phone. Then she tells me that Makayla fell off her bike while they were on a walk. She said everything was okay, but M was banged up a bit. We stayed at the conference because I knew my mom could take care of it. And she did!

Two things I learned at our marriage conference: The thing that's in the way of loving others is my love of self. The cross promises marriage fresh starts and new beginnings.

Of course I learned much more than that, but like I said, I'm still processing through it all. These two stuck out to me so much that I specifically wrote them down amongst all the other amazing information that was thrown at me this weekend.

So Makayla is fine. The next day it was pretty swollen and today it's pretty black and blue, but it's getting better every day! She's such a little trooper!

Saturday we spent the day at the church for the rest of our marriage conference. It was a big day with so much information, but Adam and I really enjoyed it.

Sunday was a day of rest! Makayla and I stayed home from church because I didn't want to have to explain to everyone what happened to her face. Adam went and got my computer fixed because the mouse pad was sticking and going all random and wouldn't let me use it, etc. There was just some dust in there and I guess some contacts weren't connecting.

Anyway, that's been our week! I've been resting a lot and taking my time getting everywhere...like an old lady! HA! Now we're off to have dinner at our friends' house!!

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The Annessa Family said...

Goodness you poor thing! Thats a lot of happenings when your not feeling great!