25 January 2012

Peace That Surpasses All Understanding.

I had a pretty fabulous day today. And some things happened that I think are noteworthy. You might not think they're that special and, really, they aren't. But I enjoyed my day.

Went to the library with my mom and the girls. I had three books waiting for me! And now there's another one waiting. Yay!!! :) I also found the greatest kid's book ever. It's been on my list of books to purchase, but I hadn't ever read the whole thing. So, we're walking around the kid's section for M and Addi to get some books and I just look over and there is sitting God Found Us You!!! Right in front of me! It was definitely there for me. :) And I have to say that I'm in love with it!!!!

Then, headed to near Adam's work to meet him, Brennan and Kristen for lunch for Brennan's birthday today. We ate a really good restaurant. I had a havarti dill cheese and artichoke sandwich. SO GOOD.

On the way to the restaurant (I was by myself since my mom kept the girls for me. :D) I was just singing along to my music and I look over and there is the funniest bumper sticker I have ever seen.

It said:

Stuck In Ohio

BAHAHAHA!!! It still cracks me up!!!!

So then I'm getting lost in the city because parking is insane and whatever and then I see it...steam coming out of the sewers!!!!! I was beyond thrilled, you guys!! I really only thought that happened in New York! That and the bumper sticker totally made my whole day awesome.

I went to pick up the girls and Makayla was not happy. About anything. P.S. She's 4 years and 1 month old today! Anyway, not happy. So, I'm trying to calm her down and talk to her and find out what's wrong with her, etc., etc., etc. None of it is working. Eventually, I somehow get her coat on her and got her to the car. I don't think she stopped screaming and crying at all, but then she was crying the. whole. way. home. BUT, through it all, I was totally calm. I didn't try to talk to her (because she wouldn't have heard me or been listening anyway), I didn't yell at her, I just listened to my music and praised Jesus in that moment. It was pretty ironic because the song was Bring The Rain by Mercy Me. I'm putting the song up here so you can see the irony. It was beautiful that in that moment, while my daughter is screaming her lungs out, I could just praise Jesus, with my hand lifted high. You know, because the other hand was on the wheel.

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:7

Then nap time happened. Well, Makayla and I implemented 'Quiet Time' yesterday, so that's what we do with her now. She hasn't actually napped for a few months, but she still must go in her room and all that. But, it was not fun. She hated being in there and we hated trying to force her to nap. I know she still needs that rest time, so we have Quiet Time. And I go upstairs and get her after 1.5 hours. So far, so good. We also have to lock the doors to our bedroom and her bathroom because she will destroy them. She squeeze toothpaste everywhere, splashes water on everything, puts Vaseline on EVERYTHING, etc. So, we lock the doors and when she has to go potty, we go up and take her. Gotta pick your battles...and decide what you want to clean up, yet again! HA!

Anyway, today has been wonderful. We also got an amazing donating from some friends that are also adopting. I love that. I really, really love it. :)

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The Annessa Family said...

I know this is a rather random comment...but your lunch sounded DELICIOUS!!!!