21 January 2012

Dinner. And More Dinner!

We had dinner tonight with some fabulous adoption friends that live in another part of Ohio! It was so great to meet up with them and get to hang out for a bit! Thank you so much for coming to meet us, Carrie and Dave!!

On the way to dinner tonight, Makayla was talking away, as per usual. And she asked, 'Do they have high chairs there?' I said, 'Yep, they do!' Then she asked, 'Do they have Dr. Pepper there?' HAHA! Does that girl know her mama or what? <3

We were originally going to meet at Bob Evans about halfway between us, but Adam and I got there a bit earlier and found out that it was closed for remodeling....which was kinda funny because on the way there, Adam asked me why we weren't going to Cracker Barrel instead. I said I could text Carrie and tell her to meet us there, but he said no. And then Bob Evans was closed anyway. HAHA!

So we met up at Cracker Barrel and Carrie and Dave were running a little behind, so we ordered the girls their food and then just hung out. Addison was in rare form today. Guess the girls both had to have their rare form days this week. Though I can't really blame her...she's getting like a thousand teeth right now. And she didn't nap very well today. Anyway, she. was. cranky.

Carrie and Dave got there. We ordered, hung out, Adam and I took turns taking the girls out to the store part and we got to chat for a bit. And then, out of nowhere, the manager comes over to the fireplace (that we were sitting right next to) and throws a pail of water on it to put the fire out. We don't really think much of it, so we just go on eating and talking. After 10 or 15 minutes, we hear this LOUD banging around the chimney and we're all wondering what's going on, but we just keep on eating our dinner.

We're all pretty much done eating when we see a fire truck pull up right in front of the restaurant!! Carrie and I are just staring at it, wondering what's going on. And we're thinking it's pretty weird that they haven't asked everyone to leave or anything. And then just a few minutes later, our waitress comes over and tells us that everyone has to evacuate!! I guess there was a fire in the chimney that they couldn't put out, but then they got that taken care of, but had to treat the fireplace with some harsh chemicals.

So after that, the waitress tells us that we don't have to pay for our dinners because of the inconvenience!!! So two adoptive families got their meals for free tonight! I was pretty excited about getting our meals for free...obviously not for the fire part. But, nobody was hurt and there were no flames anywhere, which is also pretty awesome! We had a GREAT time, even though it was cut a bit short. Next time we'll get to hang out longer. Thank you for coming out, Carrie and Dave!! :)

Moving on to our other dinner talk. :) We are having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for our adoption!! It is February 11th, from 4-6pm. The dinner will be $7 per plate. If you are interested in coming and would like more info, feel free to leave a comment or email me at lindseycrock{at}gmail{dot}com.

I made an event on Facebook today and I am asking people to 'buy' a dinner, even if they can't come due to living in another state or it's just too far away. And just tonight, we have already raised $36!!! That is SO awesome!!! We are so thankful to everyone that 'bought' a dinner tonight and we wish that you could all be there in person! Thank you for supporting us from afar! You can check out our event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/363368270344591/

And if YOU would like to 'buy' a dinner to support our adoption, you can click on that pretty yellow 'Donate' button on the right side of my blog to do so!! We would appreciate it so very much! I am praying this fundraiser is a huge success!! So, if you feel led to do so, it is $7 per plate!

I have also had two more people (on top of the other one that has a basket for us, too!) tell me that they would like to donate a basket for the raffle that we will also be having at the dinner! AND someone just messaged me telling me that they'd like to make Africa cookies for us to sell, too! How cool is that?!

AND another friend (who is also adopting!!) is sending us a check to buy two dinners, too!!! Oh man, I LOVE that!!!

All in all, today was a huge blessing of a day. We didn't get burned down, we got a free meal AND we got some pretty awesome donations for our adoption! Success!

And P.S., this is my 500th post!! Can you believe that?! That's a lot of blogging! :)

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carrie said...

Hanging out with you guys, getting a free dinner, and watching some entertaining drama to top it off, what a great night!