21 January 2012

This Week.

We've been busy this week. On Tuesday, our flour was infested with bugs. It was disgusting. So, I had to clean out the entire pantry to be sure that they don't come back. I also purchased new airtight containers for our flour, sugar and brown sugar. I was also informed that you are supposed to freeze your flour when you first buy it to kill any bugs that may be in it. Yes, there are already bugs in your flour. Gross, I know. And then store it in the fridge! AND put a dried bay leaf in with it. Who knew? Well, I guess a lot of people, but I didn't.

So, that happened. We met up with some friends. Sarabeth's house on Wednesday and Sheila's house on Friday. Makayla had a field trip to Pizza Hut on Thursday. She loved it! They took them all on a little tour of the place and then they got to make their own little pizzas to eat. She had a blast! She sat at this big table with all her friends while I sat at a booth, alone. None of the other preschool moms talk to me, like ever. But, oh well. She had fun and that's all that matters.

I kept up with our menu board this week and made every meal that we had planned! We did switch a couple days around due to the bugs in flour incident. But, I still made everything, so that's pretty awesome.

Also, on January 19th, Makayla was in the bath tub and she said, "Our Ethiopia Baby was born five days ago." I'm thinking we might have a prophetic child on our hands! She is also convinced that our baby is a girl, so we'll see if this little one is a girl that was born on January 14th, 2012. I'm pretty excited to see how it all turns out!

This week we baked our bacon. It was pretty fun and it turned out really yummy! It shrinks down a lot, but it wasn't super greasy and fatty. It was so good. But, while we were doing that, we had two pans of it and one was the broiler pan with the slats on it. Well, we took the one underneath that one out (on a regular pan) so we could flip them and drain the grease and since we didn't take the broiler pan out, grease got all over the bottom of the oven. And then our house proceeded to fill up with smoke with smoke alarms going off and everything. All of our smoke alarms are hardwired into the house and they are all connected, so if one goes off, they all go off. It was a hoot. Except not. The girls and I had to run into our walk in closet and shut the door until Daddy turned them off. So, we froze with all the windows open, but our bacon was super yummy! Here's a tip: If you bake your bacon, be sure to keep a pan at the bottom of the oven at all times. :)

This all leads up to yesterday when Makayla just could not get this incident out of her mind and she started talking about the 'smoke pretectors'. I love this kid. She's so funny and smart.

Also yesterday, Adam had his scotch and cigar fundraiser!! It was a HUGE success and he raised $215 for our adoption!! There were 9 fabulous people that showed up to support us and our adoption. We are forever grateful and I'm so thankful that my husband is so creative with his fundraisers! We can't wait to bring this sweet baby home!!!!

Other than that, we've just been busy crafting it up, hanging out and enjoying life. I have some craftiness to catch up, but I haven't put the photos on my computer yet. Maybe I'll update again later today. We're going to meet some adoptive friends for dinner tonight! I'm excited!


The Annessa Family said...

SO so proud of your hubby for coming up with that awesome fundraiser!!


Heidi said...

I did not know about the bay leaf in the flour! thank you for teaching me something new. So glad Makayla enjoyed her trip to Pizza Hut......wish i could have one those ;) I was laughing so hard about the bacon story only because i've failed so many times in the kitchen lol! Do ya'll have a timeline before the baby arrives? Are you guaranteed a baby? Or is it you get what you get and you dont throw a fit? :)

Colin and Jess said...

What a crazy week with bugs and smoke pretectors! Ha!

I always bake my bacon- I think it is just better that way. ALSO, if you lightly brush some maple syrup on the bacon about 5 minutes before it's done...it will be even more amazing! :) Don't do it at the beginning though, because it will likely burn on the bacon.

Love your husband's fundraiser!