28 January 2012

Sponsor A Child!

Eeek!!! Adam and I just sponsored our first child today and I am in LOVE!!!

His name is Habtamu and he is so gorgeous!! Just see for yourself....

Is that not the best smile you've ever seen?!

It's my early Valentine's Day present!! I sent this link to Adam a couple days ago and he chose Habtamu and then I went and looked at all the precious kids (Habtamu jumped out at me the first go round, too) and I asked Adam when we could start sponsoring a child. So, he told me he was going to surprise me on V-Day, but I totally ruined it, so we started our sponsorship tonight!! EEEEEK!!! I JUST LOVE HIM!!!

He's 4 years old and with our sponsorship of only $19/month, he will be able to attend school and get two meals a day! I'm SO excited!! This is one of the cheapest sponsorship programs I've seen, but it's because we won't be able to send or receive letters. Sad, I know, but we know that every penny will be going to him!!!

Check out the link if you'd like to sponsor your own precious one: http://www.adamituluproject.com/sponsor-a-child/

They are all so beautiful!!!

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The Annessa Family said...

LOVE that this was your Valentines day present! Sharing Love = LOVE that!