09 December 2011

Twenty Dolla Bills, Y'all!!

So, random story.

A few weeks ago (beginning of November, I believe) I was going to get a bib for Addison out of our kitchen drawer and I found a $20 bill in there! At first I thought maybe Adam accidentally dropped it in there...I don't know how, but things happen. So, I didn't think too much of it. Except that he told me he didn't have any cash on him, so it wasn't from him. Weird....

Then a couple days later, I went in to this basket that we keep our random chargers (cameras, phones, etc.) in that stays in the kitchen and there was another $20 bill!! I'm not sure why I keep thinking that they just randomly fall out of the sky or something, but there it was! And it was tucked so neatly behind something that I just knew Adam didn't drop it in there. So cool, right?

Well that was all we found (and we are totally grateful! $40 more to go towards our adoption! YEAH!)....until today!

I was cleaning up my craft room a little bit and putting some stuff away that I got today. I have these two white vases in there that are stacked on top of each other and I haven't put them out where I want them yet. Mostly because I don't know where I want them. Anyway. I had some ribbon and some Command hooks in there. I put two balls of yarn in there today and I was trying to get everything back in order, so I took it all out and lo and behold....ANOTHER $20 BILL!!! Sitting all nice and pretty in there!

And since it had been so long in between, I honestly thought that maybe it fell out of someone's pocket! HA! I am such a nerd. There is no way it fell out into there. These vases are behind my sewing machine and nobody would ever come close enough to have something fall out into there.

Anyway, it was just totally cool!!! So, we have a money fairy floating around our house and it's all going towards our adoption!!! It brought a HUGE smile to my face today.

Also, I found the Heart to Heart Rahel Ethiopia doll at Target today!!! I was returning something I got for Makayla with NO intention of replacing it, but then I found this beauty and it was the LAST one they had, so I got it for her and Addison. I've been looking for a black baby doll for them and even though this isn't a baby doll, I adore it!! She is so gorgeous!!!

Since it was the last one, I knew it was meant to be. I love it!


Sleeping Beauty said...

LOVE this story. That's so awesome. God is so creative. And that is so amazing about the doll baby. :)

Mandy Voorhies said...

very cool :) My sis got me this doll for my b-day. The whole set it adorable!