14 December 2011

Two Months DTE!!!

Today marks two months waiting for our precious baby to come home!!!

I'm so excited that we've been on 'the list' for the last two months. I'm so happy to be done with paperwork, but at the same time, I feel stagnant in this wait.

Adam and I have been SUPER busy this week...taking care of other peoples' kids! It's been a blast, but very exhausting.

Yesterday, I had our friends Adam and Ashley's little girl for the day while they went to doctors appointments. Then, I volunteered to watch my friends two precious boys for the evening so she could get some time to herself. The kids were all great, but we had a busy day yesterday! We've been going from house to house and just adding kids into our little entourage. :)

Adam posted on Facebook today that he thinks we're ready for a big family. I totally agree!! We are so pumped to bring this precious baby home and add him or her to our brood.

The wait is long, but it's not any less important. We are being prepped to add a child to our home. We are being molded into better parents every day. And we are so thankful to be able to be in this stage right now where we can help other people out with their kids and still take care of our little family. I love it!!

Sweet Baby,

We love you so much!! We are preparing for you daily and we can't wait to have you in our arms! You are becoming more and more sweet to us with every month that passes. I don't know if you are born yet or not, but either way, we think about you every single day. We pray that you are getting fed daily. We pray for your birth mama. Please stay safe and strong until we can come get you forever. Jesus has you in His arms. Merry Christmas, angel.


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