05 December 2011

December Haps.

Whoa! It's December 5th and I haven't posted anything this month yet! Yikes! My bust.

Anyway, I'm back!!! :)

Adam and Makayla got our Christmas tree yesterday. It's gorgeous!! Pictures to come. We only put the lights on it yesterday because it was too late to do it all.

Then tonight, Adam and I went on a date! I know, I know! A real live date!! Where we leave the house and everything!! It was fabulous! Our amazing friends, Brennan and Kristen, watched the girls for us. They put them to bed and everything. Adam and I went and got sushi and it was really good. Not as good as the place we usually go to, but apparently that place is closed on Mondays! Who knew?!

Makayla is in love with B & K, so she had the time of her life!! And they love her just as much. Perfect match. :)

We had some friends over this morning for a little play time at our house. My friend, Sheila, adopted from Ethiopia and also has a bio babe, so they came over to play. It was tons of fun! She's got two boys, so we made the convo work around chasing them around the house. ;)

Anyway, we were planning to put the ornaments on the tree tonight, but we didn't since we went on a date instead. SO, tomorrow it's on!!

It's been raining alllll day today. I feel like we're back in California...it's so weird! Where's the snow?

Also, this past Saturday, we went to my friend, Ashley's, house for a cookie exchange party. That was so much fun! I just took Makayla and we got to hang out and just talk and laugh. It was a great time.

I guess that's about it. We have a packed week and weekend. ANTM finale Wednesday at my mom's, Thursday is dinner with some gal pals, my dad is coming to spend the day with us Saturday and Sunday is our friends' Mongolian BBQ adoption dinner. We've got a lot coming up and it's all super fun and exciting!!

So yeah, we've been busy. January will be even busier. The first three weekends of the month are already packed. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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