08 November 2011

Day 8: Being Thankful.

I am thankful for preschool today.

Makayla loves going to preschool and getting to see all of her friends. The teachers always tell me that she is so quiet while she's there, which is completely different from how she is at home. I'm trying to break her out of her shell and it's slowly working. She says hi to people at the store now, so that's cute.

I love the interaction that Makayla gets with other kids. And I also love the one on one time it gives me with Addison. Sometimes we'll just sit and play for that two hours or she'll follow me around while I get stuff done around the house. It's a special time for all of us.

Then I love going to pick M up and hearing all about her day. When she first started going to preschool and I would ask her about her day she would say, 'I can't tell you!' It was pretty hilarious! Now she actually tells me about it all and I love it!

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