27 November 2011

Day 27: Being Thankful.

Today I'm thankful for sewing. I LOVE sewing. I love getting to make stuff from a piece of fabric. It sounds totally grandma-ish, but I swear it's totally cool. ;)

The other day I was sewing something and Makayla was watching me and she asked me what my sewing machine was, so I told her. Then when I started sewing, she said, 'Wow, Mom! That is so cool!!' And I told her I can teach her how to sew when she gets older and she got totally excited. That's what I love.

Sewing is totally rad. I'm no pro. I pretty much just do straight lines, but today, I mended (so grandma!) some clothes and for Christmas, I made Addison a pillow and blanket for her bed. And I made Makayla a pillow and blanket for her baby dolls. Oooooh, maybe I should make her some clothes for her baby dolls...

(P.S. Check out our newest fundraiser!!! http://almcrock.blogspot.com/2011/11/adoption-fundraiser.html )

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