28 November 2011

Day 28: Being Thankful.

I'm thankful that even though we haven't gone grocery shopping in over a week, we still have PLENTY of food in the fridge AND the pantry. We might not have had the most extravagant meal for dinner (scrambled eggs, sausage and cut up veggies...we were out of bread, so that was it), but we still got to eat something.

I think I was already thankful for having food, but I am again. So there. :)

We tend to forget that if we don't have what we want in the fridge or the pantry that we have nothing to eat, except that isn't the case at all. Throughout our adoption process (and saving every penny we can) I am learning that we have to eat things that we don't really want to eat. Because you know what? You won't remember what it tasted like 5 minutes later anyway. But your belly will still be full.

Be thankful today.

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