13 October 2011


I have so many things on my mind, like, ALL THE TIME. I can't really shut my mind off. Whenever I'm doing something, I'm thinking about how I have to be doing something else.

Like right now, I have a bunch of stuff upstairs that I want to sell on Craigslist. I need to take pictures of it all, then take the time to post everything.

I need a secretary.

I have two blog reviews I need to post. Luckily, I took the pictures for those yesterday, so that's one thing done.

I have laundry that needs to be put away, dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher and an end table that needs to go upstairs.

I have a HUGE post to write about all kinds of crafts I've finished. I also still have to write about Makayla's first field trip, which was on Tuesday.

Just went to check the mail and got a VERY unexpected donation for our adoption. And a super sweet card. I love our friends. BEYOND BLESSED.

And my whole thought process has gone out the window. I'm just in awe of how God works. And I am so thankful for such a beautiful card and SUCH a generous donation. It's things like this that show us that the Lord is the One who is in charge. Not us. We can't make this money come in any faster. It is all in His timing, which is perfect.

Just so blessed today. So, so blessed.

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