16 October 2011

New Craftiness.

I've been on a crafting kick lately. Actually I did most of this many weeks ago and just haven't blogged about it all. First up is this cute little bench that we got from our friend Brennan's basement. For free!! It's in great condition, just needed some cushion and pretty fabric on it. :)


Close up.
Before of our end table.

Here is the old drawer pulls.
Here is the after of our end table that I also got from Brennan's basement. LOVE.

I painted it and changed the knobs.

Close up.

I made these super awesome and very easy paintings for above our bed. They're just canvases that I put masking tape on and then painted over it. Remove the masking tape and voila!!

Another angle.

And here are all my embroidery hoops that I've collected over the past couple months.

AND here are some of my flea market finds from when I went last month. I LOVE my tray!!

Super cute plate that will hang on the wall eventually. And my cool (and cheap!) bowl for my ChapStick. :)

Another view of my hoops. :) 
Close up.

Another close up.

And a couple other flea market finds. I LOVE those Ball jars!!

My tray that I got for $1.75!!

And my lovely friend, Summer, gave me this sweet bird cage. It will be hanging in our craft/old tyme room. :)

I also have made some revisions to some of my crafts from this post. Here they are:

I added that cream flower to my placemat clutch!

And I added a flower to our Menu board!

Close up.

I think that's it for now. Well, I did make some things for some friends that are having babies, but I have to wait until everyone gets theirs and then I can post those. :)

In other news, we are leaving for Maryland this week!! And I am SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! More details to come....

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