17 October 2011

Makayla's First Field Trip!

Makayla had her very first field trip on October 11th, 2011. We went to Richardson Farms with her little preschool class. Nana and Addison came with us and we all had a blast!

When we first got there, Makayla went straight to her teacher, Mrs. Frank, and grabbed her hand and walked around with her. Then, we headed over to a stack of hay bales in a barn and the kids climbed all over them. Makayla just sat on Mrs. Frank's lap. It was too precious.

Then, we went on a hayride! We were last to get on because we had to park the stroller, so M and I were stuck in the middle of the truck...right next to the opening to get on and off! I didn't realize we were going on a ride to enjoy the scenery since I was too nervous for Makayla's life! I held onto her so tight so she wouldn't fall off. I'm a helicopter mom...

Anyway, we finally got to the pumpkin patch and M got to pick her very own pumpkin! She picked the first one she saw and then we just walked around for a little bit...got back on and headed back to the farm.

The kids got a snack of fresh apples and apple cider. Mom and I might have snuck some, too. :) It was really good!

After that, we went to see some stinky animals. It was really gross. Pigs and chickens were all cooped up in this tiny little barn. Oh there was a cow, too. It smelled horrible and all the kids held their noses as we walked through. HAHA!

Then we were done! It took about two hours to do all that and Makayla had a lot of fun!! She loves her little pumpkin and since we already had our 'pumpkin family' at home from the neighbor kids, she said the pumpkin she got was Doggy. Yep, her beloved stuffed dog is officially part of our pumpkin family. Fits right in!

We snagged some small gourds and some of that apple cider and then we were on our way to Olive Garden for lunch! It was an awesome day and one I won't soon forget. I can't believe my daughter is old enough to be going on field trips! We are definitely in a new season of life...one that is filled with new experiences and oh so much fun!

How did she get so big?!

Such a beautiful little girl...

And another beauty!!

Purple peppers. Who knew?

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Heart n Soul said...

Sounds like fun ... and that is weird looking corn! Our corn ( in Australia) is completely yellow. How does it get like that?