09 September 2011


Adam and I took a gamble today. We went to USCIS two weeks before our scheduled appointment...


I was beyond nervous. I wasn't sure if they'd take us early or not, but they totally did!!! So, now we're two weeks ahead of schedule! YES!!!

I'm *hoping* that by the 23rd (our original appointment date) that we'll have our I-171H in hand!!!

On the way to Cleveland, I saw a taxi and the number on the taxi was 797. Well, the letter that we got with our appointment date/time on it is an I-797C! I told Adam it was a sign that we'd get in! ;)

So, we got lost on the way there because GPS SUCKS. It has gotten me lost more times than it has gotten me somewhere. BAD Maria!!

We got there 15 minutes behind (my) schedule, but thank the Lord that didn't stop us from getting in.

We had to go through security first, which was just putting my purse through an x-ray machine and showing them our IDs. We took the elevator to our floor and found our office.

Adam just walked up to the man and woman at the front desk, asked if we could get in early even though it wasn't our scheduled time. The man just nodded. It was awesome and totally not a big deal! We prayed before we went in, too. Jesus always helps. :D

We had to fill out a form with our personal info, show them our IDs and our appointment paperwork. We each got a number and then we went to sit down and they called us back! It was super easy and quick!! Fingerprints and done! I'm kinda baffled that we paid $890 for that. But, it is SO worth it!!!

So, that's done and now we wait for that gorgeous I-171H saying that we're approved for our sweet babe....

In other news...we got $1,000 donation today. Yeah, you read that right. How stinking great is that?! This person doesn't want any recognition, but I am beyond humbled. I just can't believe it. So, now we are for real, for real FULLY FUNDED for our dossier!!! WITH SOME LEFT OVER FOR OUR REFERRAL!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

I'm just beyond humbled, speechless and blessed beyond words. So, thank you to our anonymous (to you all) donor!!! You will not be forgotten by our Lord Jesus. Keep storing your treasures in Heaven, my dear friend. We thank you for bringing us SO much closer to our baby. Thank you.

Thank you to EVERYONE that has donated to our adoption!! Once our paperwork is submitted (hopefully by the end of the month!!), I'm going to write a post with the names of all of our donation pals. It's a huge list and I love that!!!

I've had a great day. I also got a new bra and an Auntie Anne's pretzel. Life is good. :)

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