01 September 2011


Oh yes!!!!!! We got our USCIS biometrics appointment today!!!!!!!

I am beyond excited, in case you couldn't tell. :D

So, our appointment is September 23rd and it can't come soon enough! I'm thinking about going on early and seeing if they'll take us. Anyone else done that and had success??

After we get fingerprinted, we'll have to wait another 6-12 weeks before getting our I-171H in the mail, which will them complete the puzzle of our dossier!!!!! And then we can send it to Ethiopia!!!!!!

I'm just a little happy about that. ;)

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!! Today is a good day.

Also, this was Makayla's prayer tonight: "Thank You for the mighty knights. The end." Me: "A mighty knight, like a boy?" M: "Knights can be boys OR girls, Mom." Next prayer: "Thank you for clippies, people, closets. And toys. To love on them. The end."

Yes, she is the funniest kid on the planet. Thanks for noticing.


Alison said...

YaY!!!! So excited for ya'll!!!

4 Blessings said...


jan said...

yes, do a walk-in!!!!! call one week later (pray first). I live in Indiana and I have an amazing officer who pulled our file and three of my friends. you can email me if you want her name... yay!

angie @ the cellar door stories said...

great news!!! i've been hearing that the I171Hs have been coming more quickly than expected...i'll pray that is the case for you guys too!

we live in south central PA....how about you?